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Mooring on the Droitwich Barge canal

Is the any mooring outside of Droitwich before reaching the River Severn?

Asked by: Sara Harbour  | 3.56pm, Saturday 26 April

WW says:

Moorings between Droitwich and the River Severn are said to be 'scarce'. When we cruised this length in September 2012, there were no 48 hour or 14 day moorings, although there were a few places where a shallow draughted boat might moor at a pinch. The problem is that most of the canal has been restored with a saucer shaped cross section so there is no depth at the edge.
The situation is not improved by the reeds which occupy both sides of the canal for a large part of its length. The only moorings with any depth are lock moorings and you could be pretty unpopular if you moored there.
I have a feeling that there may have been discussions about providing some moorings but I don't think that these have come to fruition. At the very least there should be some moorings between the first and second locks, and perhaps beyond, to act as a haven when the Severn is in flood.

Graham Booth  | 11.09PM, Saturday 26 April

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