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plumbing in a skin tank

I am writing to enquire which way round the pipes from the engine go into the skin tank.I think the hot from the engine goes to the top of the tank,&cold feed comes from the bottom.Please confirm.Also,which pipe does the expansion tank go on?-hot or cold?Thank you

Asked by: Sarah Fellows  | 12.47pm, Wednesday 30 April

WW says:

You are right - the hot goes to the top and the cold to the bottom. The skin tank should have baffles inside it to ensure that the water circulates well and doesn't take a short cut.
Off the top of my head, I would have said that the pipe to the expansion tank comes off the hot pipe. This was supported by a quick trawl on the internet. However, checking my own boat, it seems that the pipe comes off the cold return to the engine. This could be because the engine is a semi-vintage type. It has certainly worked well for twenty years. Perhaps Rupert or Mark can throw some more light on this.

Graham Booth  | 7.21PM, Wednesday 30 April

Many expansion tanks are fitted to the calorifier return fittings, as these are often the highest points in the system, and most likely to need help bleeding air. although otherwise I would plumb into whichever was easier to fit into. However, fitting into the cold side (return) to the engine should make it easier to purge air from the system, as it returns to the boat, avoiding airlocks in the engine block.

Mark Langley  | 9.18PM, Wednesday 30 April

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