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How do you make tiller tassels?

A reader writes to us:
"Having recently made some rope side fenders, I now want to make a tiller tassel.
However, there seems to be little or or no information online. I was wondering if you know of any publications that describe this process?"

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | 1.54pm, Wednesday 30 April

WW says:

I have just reviewed a book which contains some information on this subject. The book is 'Knots for the Cut' by Ben Selfe, isbn 978-0-9557600-2-0. It is available from all the usual online sources or, if you want to browse it first, you can buy a copy at the Audlem Mill Canal Shop. The review will probably be published in the July issue of WW.
The part about tassels is only one page and comes after a chapter on making key fobs, which are fairly similar. I think the assumption is that, if you have worked your way through key fobs, you could probably manage a tassel.

Graham Booth  | 2.09PM, Wednesday 7 May

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