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Roof painting

My NB roof is in need of a new yellow non-slip paint job but the hand rail is blue and the blue paint extends around the chimney and vents in a circular fashion, where can I find/make circular templates to protect the blue form the yellow?

Asked by: Rob Henry  | 4.36pm, Wednesday 30 April

WW says:

That's a tricky one.
The only way to stop one colour paint from encroaching on another is to use masking tape. If you try to shield it with a movable mask, the paint will creep underneath and not give you a clean edge.
You could try cutting a perfectly circular hole of the desired size in a piece of plywood or cardboard and placing it over the obstruction. Pencil around the inside of the hole to leave a mark on the roof. Then stick small lengths of 2in wide masking tape over the pencil line so as to cover it completely. Put the plywood back over the obstruction and re-pencil the line onto the masking tape. Next, take a Stanley knife with a new blade and gently cut around the pencil line, trying not to cut into the underlying paint too much. Remove the tape on the outside of the pencil mark and you should have a circular edge of tape to paint up to. Depending on the size of the circle, you may need to add some more masking tape inside the pieces you have just cut to protect the blue areas from the odd careless brush stroke.
If you have a continuous handrail, it is a good idea to leave the first couple of inches of roof next to it in smooth paint. This will make it easier to clean away the inevitable dirt that collects there and is easier on your finger tips when you walk down the gunwale holding onto the handrail. You can mask the line between the smooth and non-slip paint with tape.

Graham Booth  | 6.49PM, Wednesday 30 April

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