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90 Degree Tiller Attachment

Hi all.....
stupid question time. I have a traditional back to my boat and wish to sit on the side whilst sailing but have trouble reaching the tiller in comfort and just thought someone a little brighter than myself may have an idea where to get an easily removable 90 degree tiller attachment.
kind regards

Asked by: shaun ohare  | 3.30pm, Tuesday 13 May

WW says:

From what you say, it sounds as if you are looking for something that is commonly seen on the tillers of small sailing boats. These consist of a rod that is attached at right angles to the end of the tiller by a universally jointed fitting.
I have just found several of these on http://www.tridentuk.com/ and www.duncanyacht.co.uk/. I am sure that there are several more if you Google 'sail boat chandlery'. Once you are in the site, search for 'tiller'.
However, narrowboat tillers are designed the way they are as a result of decades of use and are reckoned to be the safest and most effective way of steering the boat. If you decide to modify this, you must satisfy yourself that what you are proposing is just as safe and effective and will not put you, or other canal users, at risk.
You may find that you can solve your problem more conventionally by fitting a longer tiller extension.

Graham Booth  | 4.55PM, Tuesday 13 May

Readers say:

Thanks for the information. I hope to sit perpendicular to the existing tiller perched on the roof on the brass roof rail. To control the boat i need to stretch over a little to maintain control. I was thinking along the lines of a quick release short perpendicular attachment to the handle of the tiller to ease the stretch over whilst seated. I will look closely at the information you have so graciously given.
kind regards.

shaun ohare  | 5.24PM, Tuesday 13 May

Hi Shaun,
I'm looking for the same sort of thing. I'd be interested if you found something suitable. I ordered a tiller extension for a sail boat that I intended to retro fit but it came with a flexi rubber joint that I didn't believe would last 5 minutes. Please get in touch if you found anything.
Kind Regards

Steve McHale  | 6.28PM, Thursday 6 September

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