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Regarding the above safety device.
Would you recommend fitting one?

Asked by: colinblake  | 11.45am, Wednesday 28 May

WW says:

We haven't had a chance to evaluate this device yet or read its type approval. We know that the device is capable of shutting off the gas supply if a major leak is detected.
However, for general gas safety purposes, it is not major leaks that are the problem, but lower, pervasive leaks (less than, say, the power of one gas burner being open) that can fill the boat (especially the bilge) with LPG vapour until it reaches an explosive of fire potential.
Therefore, as with the BSS, self-determination of the integrity of the gas system is probably more important- hence the recommendation to fit a bubble leak detector within the gas locker, to regularly check the system for leaks. It enables simple, quick checks of the integrity of the system, without relying on gauges or manometers. Such devices are predominantly sold by Alde on the UK inland gas market and have a long pedigree- and are recommended strongly by the Boat Safety Scheme.
It would also be prudent to isolate the gas system when not in use- such as when leaving the boat unoccupied and at night.
We will comment more on this device once we have investigated it further.

Mark Langley  | 11.02PM, Wednesday 28 May

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