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first boat trip

Hi everyone,
I've booked a trip from Penton hook,between London and Reading I have 6 days should I go towards Oxford or Bath I want a slow paced 6 days

Asked by: Mike Hean  | 4.14pm, Sunday 8 June

WW says:

Penton Hook is on the River Thames near Staines, so I would suggest your best trip would be to stay on the river and head up stream towards Oxford. If you had more time, the upper reaches of the Thames above Oxford are delightful.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.50PM, Monday 9 June

Another advantage of staying on the Thames rather than venturing off is that the locks are mainly keeper operated during working hours, and, until you get above Oxford, push-button user operated out-of-hours, making for relaxed progress!

Mark Langley  | 1.04PM, Tuesday 10 June

Readers say:

Thanks Rupert and Mark,
I was hoping to get as far as Oxford
I might book another few days from north of Oxford .What stretch would be most enjoyable

Mike Hean  | 11.00AM, Wednesday 11 June

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