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Blacking Preparation

Once the hull has been blacked using Two Pack Epoxy, what would be the preparation required to recoat it again, say, after 5 years, with the same material?

Asked by: Robin Gulliver  | 12.53pm, Monday 9 June

WW says:

Pressure washing the hull will get the weed and muck off, and will give a good surface for repainting. It can be a tedious job (and wet), but if done diligently will remove any loose paint and scale where the paint has come off. Any places where abrasion has removed the paint causing the steel to rust; must be cleaned back to bare metal before painting. This is most easily done with a rotary wire brush. These sections would benefit from extra coats of paint, and are best done first before painting the whole boat. It is also important to allow plenty of time for the paint to cure thoroughly before putting the boat back in the water.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.43PM, Monday 9 June

I agree with Rupert and I would add that an excellent way to treat areas where the paint has been removed and started to rust is to use a Tercoo.
This is a rubber disc with tungsten tips around the edge that fits into an electric drill and is used in a similar way to a rotary wire brush. My boat has a two part epoxy paint on the hull and I used one of these tools when it was last dry docked. The finish it produces is the next best thing to grit blasting.
I wrote an article about my experiences with it which was published in the November 2011 edition of WW.

Graham Booth  | 10.04AM, Wednesday 11 June

Readers say:

Thank you very much. That answers my query nicely.
Kind regards

Robin Gulliver  | 10.22PM, Monday 9 June

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