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Waterways World
151 Station Street
Burton-on-Trent DE14 1BG


Tel: 01283 742950                                      editorial@waterwaysworld.com
Editor: Bobby Cowling
Deputy Editor: Sarah Henshaw
Assistant Editors: Andrew Denny and Amelia Hamson
Editorial Secretary (events): Suzanne Phillips
Technical Consultant: Graham Booth
Technical Writers: Mark Langley, Rupert Smedley
Art Editor: Paul Limbert

Writing for Waterways World


Tel: 01283 742977                                     ian.sharpe@wwonline.co.uk
Advertisement Manager: Ian Sharpe

Advertising in Waterways World

Production                                        wwproduction@wwonline.co.uk

Group Production Manager: Jonathan Lee
Advertising Production: Samantha Furniss

Subscriptions and Reader Services

Tel: 01283 742970                                     subscriptions@wwonline.co.uk
Publisher and Circulation Manager: Peter Johns
Subscriptions and Reader Services: Emma Emery & Kay Tunnicliffe
Senior Marketing Assistant: Amy Corbett
Marketing Manager: Catherine Murphy
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