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Boat design

Welcome to Waterways World's Boat Planner. With this easy-to-use tool, you can plan the interior of your boat, try out new layout ideas, and save layouts for future use.

Please note that the Boat Planner requires Adobe Flash, which is only available on desktop computers, not smartphones or tablets. You will need the Flash plugin installed in your browser to use it.


Just drag items from the 'panel' onto your boat. There are different panels for each part of the boat: use the pop-up menu to select them. To remove an item, drag it off the boat, or click it and press Delete.

You can add lines, rectangles, and text, too - these are all on the General panel. Move the red anchors on the lines and rectangles to reshape them, and click the text to edit it.

There are special menus to choose your bow and stern shape, and a box to enter the length of your boat. You can also stretch or rotate individual items by placing them on the boat, then altering the Width, Height and Rotation fields.

Remember to save your boat! Just click Save, then type a name for it.

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