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Important information about your digital magazine

What's included?

We aim to include the full editorial content of each magazine. From the December 2010 issue onwards, we also include advertisements.

Technical problems with some of the earlier magazines mean that pages may occasionally be missing or incomplete in articles from 2009 or earlier. If you encounter a faulty page, please contact us at support@waterwaysworld.com and we will endeavour to correct it. Please note that we cannot currently promise to replace faulty articles in less than a 28-day timespan.

What are the different purchase options?

Purchasing a single issue gives you lifelong access to that issue online, both viewable online and as PDF downloads.

Purchasing a year's subscription gives you lifelong access to the 12 issues of Waterways World published in the year, both viewable online and as PDF downloads. In addition, during the year of your subscription, you can view all previous issues available from this website.

Purchasing a single article download gives you access to that PDF only.

What if I subscribe to the print edition?

If you have a postal subscription to Waterways World, you automatically enjoy access to all online articles, both viewing online and as PDF downloads. To take advantage of this, log into the website, click the 'Settings' link at the top, and enter your subscriber number (found on the mailing label for each posted copy).

What's required?

Issues from 2012 onwards will display on any modern browser on a tablet or computer. Although the online reader will work on a small-screen phone it may not be convenient to use.

Issues before 2011 (where available) require Adobe Flash Player, which is not available for tablets or phones.