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Tuesday 29 September

Today's news from the web

  • Chirk narrowboat recording sessions a hit with musicians leaderlive.co.uk

    The waterways have played host to an array of talented musicians, who were recording songs in support of a cancer charity. The ‘Narrowboat Sessions’ are hosted aboard the ‘Cariad IV’ boat, owned by organiser Mark Holdsworth, at Chirk Marina. Mark offers talented and unsigned musicians the opportunity to come aboard the narrowboat and record a selection of tracks in new surroundings....

Thursday 17 September

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  • Chesterfield Canal gets crime money derbyshiretimes.co.uk

    The Chesterfield Canal will benefit to the tune of £20,850 as a result of a scheme which ploughs criminals’ ill-gotten gain into community projects. The canal is one of five projects focused on improving the environment to have won grants that inject illegally-generated income back into crime prevention. The NICE Fund (Neighbourhoods Investing Criminal Earnings) was launched last year to provide funds projects which will leave a lasting legacy for their communities....

Wednesday 16 September

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  • National Grid in court over Burnley boy’s canal death burnleyexpress.net

    The prosecution of National Grid over the death of Burnley boy Robbie Williamson will take place in Preston in October. Shuttleworth College pupil Robbie Williamson (11) died on April 22nd last year after falling from a pipe while playing with friends on a canal bridge. He slipped from a gas pipe attached to Dugdale Bridge along the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Lowerhouse Lane and hit his head on the bank before falling into the water....

Monday 14 September

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  • Boy catches unexploded grenade whilst fishing on Grand Union canal itv.com

    An-eight-year-old boy pulled out an unexploded grenade during a fishing trip on Grand Union canal. Schoolboy Brando Smith, was fishing along with his twin brother Jacopo and best friend Nour, from a canal boat with their nanny James Bolton. The trio were fishing with a magnet, and after pulling out an assortment of spanner and wrenches pullout out a rusty, muddy lump of iron. Suspecting what it was they immediately passed it to James, who carefully took it in his hands and placed in on an empty stretch of towpath before calling the police. The police then brought in army experts who took it away for disposal....

Sunday 13 September

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Friday 4 September

Today's news from the web

  • B&B on narrowboat at Hebden Bridge halifaxcourier.co.uk

    Imagine spending the night gazing at the picturesque beauty of the Rochdale Canal from the cosy haven of a narrowboat. That dream could soon be a reality if plans to offer bed and breakfast accomodation on the canal are passed. Business owners are hoping to capitalise on Hebden Bridge’s unique character with their new venture. Sean Louram and Mary Keady, owners of Hebden Bridge Cruises, currently offer a range of dining cruises on their narrowboat, but hope the expansion of their business will provide another boost to Hebden Bridge’s tourism industry....

Tuesday 1 September

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Sunday 23 August

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  • Doggy paddle swimmers attempt River Thames challenge bbc.co.uk

    A group of fundraisers has begun an attempt to swim the River Thames restricting themselves to doggy paddle. The 10 swimmers set off from Lechlade, Gloucestershire aiming to complete the 155 mile (150km) route to Putney. Hamish Reid said doggy paddle was the "perfect stroke" for river swimming. He added the biggest challenge would come in the tidal section of the Thames....

Friday 21 August

Today's news from the web

  • River Thames 'back from the dead' with seals, whales and dolphins wired.co.uk

    The last decade has seen the River Thames return from the dead to become a teeming habitat for a diverse range of marine mammals, according to new data from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Of some 2,723 public sightings, seals were the most commonly spotted, with many of them seeming to enjoy basking around Canary Wharf. However, sightings were also reported as far upstream as Hampton Court Palace....

  • Totally Thames River Relay passes through the Cotswolds wiltsglosstandard.co.uk

    The start of a month-long celebration of the River Thames began at the weekend when a bottle of water passed through the district. A bottle of water travel 215 miles along the river, through London and finally out to sea, as part of the The Source to Sea River Relay. On Saturday, the bottle was filled at source of the River Thames near Kemble and then made its way to Cricklade and finally St John’s Lock at Lechlade. ...

  • BW employee loses unfair dismissal case over 2-yr old Facebook posts shoosmiths.co.uk

    ...As a result, Mr Smith was suspended pending an investigation into the comments recovered from his Facebook account and was subsequently summarily dismissed for gross misconduct following a disciplinary hearing. This was despite the comments having been made, and the employer having been aware of them, 2 years previously....

Tuesday 18 August

Today's news from the web

  • Recovering Doncaster drug and alcohol users’ rehab is to steer 60ft canal barge doncasterfreepress.co.uk

    People overcoming drug and alcohol problems are finding an unusual way to make progress – by getting to grips with a 60ft narrowboat. Around 40 clients involved in the “Moving On” project run by Doncaster West Development Trust (DWDT) have made the most of opportunities at Swinton Lock Activity Centre which runs accredited boat handling courses....

Monday 17 August

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Thursday 13 August

Today's news from the web

  • Cruising on the River Thames on a Narrow Boat  huffingtonpost.co.uk

    When our friends went off to help the Greek economy and offered us two weeks on their home 'Living the Dream', a wide beamed narrow boat, we leapt at the chance. Leaping was to become part of our daily lives from now on....

Thursday 6 August

Today's news from the web

  • Foxton Locks: Elderly woman in miracle escape after being sucked under a pleasure craft leicestermercury.co.uk

    An elderly woman had a miracle escape when she fell into the water at Foxton Locks and was sucked under a boat. The woman was watching a boat ascend the flight of locks near Market Harborough this morning when she fell backwoods into a water supply pond. Bystanders including locks staff managed to rescue her before she was airlifted to hospital. The woman, aged 79, who has not been identified, slipped and rolled backwards into a canal- side supply pond by the third lock and disappeared under the surface. ...

  • DIY store to the rescue for canal volunteers canalrivertrust.org.uk

    Volunteers working to restore their hut alongside the canal in Wilmcote, after it was burnt down last year by vandals, have been given a helping hand from B&Q, the nation’s biggest DIY chain. ...

Monday 3 August

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Monday 27 July

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  • 'Jeff the Magic Man' aims to build a 35-foot Erie Canal boat using only balloons syracuse.com

    A magician, more than 1,000 balloons, and the Erie Canal will all have something in common on Saturday, Aug. 1 at the annual DeWitt Canal Day. Jeff D'Ambrosio, who goes by "Jeff the Magic Man," plans to build a 35-foot replica of a canal boat -- using only biodegradable balloons. The exhibit includes a section of the canal, a canal boat, boat passengers, and a mule pulling the boat. The project will take two days to build. He'll use a floor pump and compressor to help blow up the hundreds of balloons used for the project. D'Ambrosio's largest solo project will display at the annual DeWitt Canal Day on Aug. 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m....

Sunday 26 July

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