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Thursday 17 January

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  • Pictures from the 1940s reveal how children who lived on canal barges went to school dailymail.co.uk

    No time for playground argy-bargy! Amazing pictures from the 1940s reveal how children who lived on canal barges also went to school on a BOAT Post-Second World War pictures give an insight into how children on barges also attended schools on boats Among the images include children sat in class, pupils practising the alphabet and kids playing games Despite laws and regulations, many boat children were unable to attend school due to constantly moving ...

Wednesday 16 January

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Monday 14 January

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  • Narrowboat moved to mystery location in order to recover storage fees expressandstar.com

    Steve McDonald sold his narrowboat to a man in April 2016, and allowed him to refurbish the boat on his land in Cannock before transporting it to a canal. But after the man did a disappearing act - for the second time - Mr McDonald lost the sale of the land it was on and has had to take matters into his own hands by transporting it to a secret location from his home in Pear Tree Close, Huntington. The 62-year-old retired builder has now forked out £680 for a crane to lift the boat onto a truck to be taken to another location, and has said told the boat's buyer will have to pay the fees before being told where the vessel is....

Thursday 10 January

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  • Step in to the heart of The Falkirk Wheel scottishcanals.co.uk

    Scottish Canals unveils a special VIP tour of the inside of the Falkirk Wheel on 23rd-24th February. The video hints at a '2001-style' walkthrough. ...

  • Bradford Council approves plans for 74 houses canalside at Shipley. thetelegraphandargus.co.uk

    Bradford Council has approved plans for 74 houses on the new Swanside development in Dock Lane, Shipley, alongside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The two-hectare plot of brownfield land is currently empty and has been for a decade, following the closure of a factory at the southern end of the site, and outline plans for 80 homes on the site were approved in November 2017....

  • Christmas WRG canal camp on Stroudwater stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk

    Volunteers cleared a neglected section of canal during the festive season, bringing the full restoration of the waterway ever closer. Forty volunteers from across the country participated in a residential canal camp, during which they worked on a section of the waterway near Whitminster. The Waterways Recovery Group’s annual Christmas camp between Christmas and New Year saw the team hard at work, while most of us were tucking into turkey sandwiches and watching festive films on TV....

Tuesday 8 January

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  • Uh-oh, CRT confirm Middlewich aqueduct leak winsfordguardian.co.uk

    The Canal and River Trust has confirmed that there is a leak in the Middlewich aqueduct in Nantwich Road. 0 comment The leak had been spotted by residents shortly after the £3.2 million repair works were completed on the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union Canal. A spokesperson for the Canal and River Trust said: "There is a leak at the Middlewich aqueduct. It was leaking quite a lot between Christmas and new year but isn’t that bad as of today....

Monday 7 January

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  • Volunteers save dog from being sucked down lock paddle on Grand Union watfordobserver.co.uk

    Steve Mander, based in Rickmansworth, was pictured rescuing the dog from the Grand Union Canal, after it was found struggling near a water gate yesterday. He lay down on his stomach and reached under and was able to retrieve the Labrador before any harm could be done. With just its head and paws above water in the seven foot canal, Mr Mander and four more volunteers from the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust recovered the stricken animal after it was trapped in the ‘sluice’ gate, which controls water levels in the canal via the lock. ...

Thursday 3 January

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  • Erie Canal locks 'Five-Rise' restoration gets $1.2M funding stream news.wbfo.org

    The Erie Canal's own 'Five-Rise' locks - equivalent to the Leeds & Liverpool's Bingley Five-Rise - is set to get a restoration after gaining £1.2m in funding. The set of five fully intact Erie Canal locks in Lockport, numbered 67-71. called the "Flight of Five" staircase, raise boats the difference in elevation between Lakes Erie and Ontario. In Lockport, that difference is 60'. Dave Kinyon, Chair of the Lockport Locks Heritage District Corporation, said one of the five locks - number 67 - was rehabbed in 2014 in Phase 1 of the project. "Right now, we've been able to put together federal and state funding in the amount of $1.2 million to enable us to rehabilitate Lock 68," Kinyon said, "which will then just leave two remaining locks - Locks 67 and 71 - to be rehabilitated, so we can bring the Flight of Five back to operating condition."...

  • New guidebook for Stroud canal restoration stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk

    A new guidebook has been released for the Stroud Valleys canal users. The guide for the navigable sections of the canal has been produced by Cotswold Canals Trust (CCT) Trow Magazine editor David Jowett and Stroud Valleys Canal Company (SVCC) chair Peter Best. It will be published four times a year, December, March, June and September, to enable constant updates as facilities open (or perhaps close as maintenance or development occurs.)...

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