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Tuesday 11 October

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Monday 10 October

Today's news from the web

  • Canal boat users left with two-day detour expressandstar.com

    Canal boat users are facing a two-day detour due to lock closures imposed to contain pollution following a fire in the Black Country – as it emerged a second stretch of water is now affected....

  • Bridge plan raises the stake for canal falkirkherald.co.uk

    Planning officials fear a massive canal development’s lifting bridge could cause traffic chaos. ...

Thursday 6 October

Charity gets a name - and a logo

The charity that will replace British Waterways next April has until now struggled under the ungainly codename "the New Waterways Charity".

Now it has an official name: the Canal & River Trust. Announced today, it's a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin name in the vein of the Woodlands Trust. BW has long believed that the word "waterways" is less recognisable than "canals and rivers".

There's a new logo, too. Well, partly new. The new logo (designed for free by the Pentagram studio) is very similar to what you'd get if you put the old BW logo (designed by Pentagram) together with the Waterways Trust logo (designed by Pentagram). See what you think:

Richard Fairhurst  | 5.09pm

Today's news from the web

  • Stuck barge causes waterway gridlock on Regent's Canal camdennewjournal.com

    This unlucky barge owner got a serious sinking feeling when his boat nose-dived into the canal and got stuck in one of Camden Town’s locks. The back of the houseboat became caught on a concrete sill at the Kentish Town lock near Kentish Town Road on Saturday evening. ...

  • Chasewater Reservoir refilled after £5.5m repair work bbc.co.uk

    Waters at a 200-year-old Staffordshire reservoir are set to rise again after the completion of a £5.5m repair job. ...

  • Lock gates milestone for Gloucestershire canal project bbc.co.uk

    Six new canal lock gates have been installed in Gloucestershire marking another significant step forward in the regeneration of the Cotswold Canals. ...

  • Romney Weir gets ready for Hydropower environment-agency.gov.uk

    The Environment Agency’s recent repair works on Romney weir have now come to an end – making way for the construction stage of the exciting new hydropower scheme which is set to revolutionise the electricity supply for Windsor Castle. ...

Wednesday 5 October

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Tuesday 4 October

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Wednesday 28 September

Today's news from the web

  • Young boys rescue kitten from L&L canal yorkshirepost.co.uk

    A kitten has been rescued by two 11-year-old boys who spotted it floating down a canal in a basket. The white and black female kitten has been named Mo, short for Moses and was tied inside a pink plastic basket with a piece of blue twine. When the kitten was plucked to safety the basket was filling with water. The incident happened on the Leeds and Liverpool canal at Bramley, Leeds, on Saturday, September 10....

  • Salvation Army calls for more volunteer canal chaplains bbc.co.uk

    The Salvation Army is looking for more volunteers to join the chaplaincy team serving people who live and work on the region's waterways. The waterways ministry was stopped in the 1960s but is being revived as part of a Workplace Ministries project in the Diocese of St Albans. Senior Waterways Chaplain, Captain Jenny Dibsdall from Eaton Bray, says more chaplains are needed to walk the tow paths of the Grand Union Canal and along some of the area's rivers. Volunteer chaplains are provided with advice and training and a special jacket identifying them as a waterways chaplain....

Tuesday 27 September

Today's news from the web

  • Salvation Army SOS to keep boat dwellers on the straight and narrow watfordobserver.co.uk

    A waterways chaplaincy service is sending out an SOS for more volunteers to help provide pastoral and practical support for people living on the Grand Union Canal in south west Hertfordshire. Salvation Army Captain Jenny Dibsdall, Senior Waterways Chaplain said more volunteers are needed to walk the tow paths along the canal from Rickmansworth to Kings Langley and further north to provide needy boat dwellers with food, clothing, water, benefits advice and a listening ear....

  • Chesterfield canal repairs to begin at last thestar.co.uk

    Work is taking place next week to restore a canal embankment on the outskirts of Sheffield nine months after it partially collapsed. Derbyshire County Council revealed it has found funding for the repairs to a stretch of Chesterfield Canal, near Killamarsh, where a section of embankment including the towpath had collapsed, leaving just a couple of feet of mud and stones to contain the water....

  • Riverside Victorian mill in Leicester set to be demolished to make way for flats thisisleicestershire.co.uk

    A Victorian former factory is set to be pulled down and replaced with a multi-million pound complex of flats and houses. The five-story Abbey Mills building in Leicester's Abbey Park Street, was first used as a spinning mill in 1887, but is now set to be demolished after years of lying empty. ​ Heritage campaigners say they are concerned another piece of the city's industrial history could be about to disappear for ever....

Saturday 24 September

Today's news from the web

  • ‘Give us a brake’ message to Regent's Canal towpath cyclists islingtontribune.com

    Parents and children from Angel held an impromptu protest on Monday against speeding cyclists who make walking on the canal towpath a “frightening and intimidating” experience. The group from Hanover School, in Noel Road, appealed to British Waterways (BW) to introduce measures to slow cyclists down along a narrow stretch of the towpath on the Regent’s Canal opposite the Narrowboat pub, off St Peter’s Street. One parent who put up her own “cyclists slow down” sign on a bridge wall complained that the one installed by BW was so small it could not be seen....

Tuesday 20 September

Recruiting starts for waterways partnerships

As the deadline looms next spring for the formation of the new waterways charity (NWC) in England and Wales, the Transition Appointments Committee has appealed for qualified people to put themselves forward to chair its 13 new waterways partnerships. 

The partnerships are designed to let local people have a greater say in how their canals and rivers are run, developing strategies and plans to increase local participation in the waterways.
Each of the eleven administrative areas of the waterways network will require a chair and a partnership board in place by April 2012.  Two more partnerships will run the waterways museums and ‘all-Wales’ issues.  

Chairs are now being sought for the Manchester & Pennine, North Wales & Borders, South Wales & Severn, Kennet & Avon and the all-Wales partnerships. The existing trial Kennet & Avon partnership is included in this first round to confirm its position and bring the appointment into the recruitment process agreed by the transition appointments committee.  This round will also include a review of the existing trial partnerships in the West Midlands and North West with a view to releasing them from their trial status, and a museums partnership will be set up as the successor to The Waterways Trust museums management board.
Recruitment of chairs for the five remaining partnerships (North East, Central Shires, East Midlands, South East and London) will start in January. 
The Transition Appointments Committee selecting these chairs are Roger Clarke and Dinah Nichols (members of the Defra Advisory Panel on First Appointments and Transition) and two transition trustees, Lynne Berry and Tom Franklin.  They will be aided by Roger Hanbury, chief executive of The Waterways Trust, and local waterway managers.

“The Waterways Partnerships are integral to the stewardship and development of the waterways within each Partnership area”, said Roger Hanbury.  “They shape the strategies and plans for each waterway, guide decisions about spending, and help develop external funding and volunteering.  They will champion the interests of the waterways at a political level, with business, and with the community and develop action plans for local engagement and participation.”

Once the chairs are in place, they will work with Roger Hanbury and the local waterway managers to select further members of each partnership. Each chair will serve for three years and need to commit 4-6 days each month. The posts are unpaid, but agreed expenses will be reimbursed. 

Role descriptions and application details can be found at www.britishwaterways.co.uk/working-for-us and www.thewaterwaystrust.org.uk/about-us/jobs.

Andrew Denny  | 11.51am

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