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Tuesday 16 August

Today's news from the web

  • After decades hidden away, canal exposed once again in Huddersfield Waterfront project examiner.co.uk

    A major new feature of the £150m Huddersfield Waterfront project is taking shape. And engineers are opening up the Huddersfield Narrow Canal – hidden for decades through the site. The tunnel roof has already been removed and the next phase will be to remove the concrete ribs that held up the roof. The intention is to make the waterway a feature of a new open public area overlooked by the new Kirklees College. The canal, which was restored after a long campaign, ran below the premises of Sellers Engineers, who had occupied the Chapel Hill site for many years. The tunnel continues under Chapel Hill and then below Bates Mill before emerging from below Queen Street South to run past the University of Huddersfield. ...

  • Conservation area to protect Limehouse Cut docklands24.co.uk

    London’s oldest canal has been made part of a conservation area to protect the its waterside industrial past. Limehouse Cut, a canal since 1770, is lined with factories and warehouses that have been recognised for their robust industrial architecture. To protect the buildings and the area’s unique characteristics - including mooring rings, historic ragstone and old tow horse ramps - it has now been made a conservation area by Tower Hamlets Council....

  • BW to auction off Sharpness dock homes bbc.co.uk

    British Waterways' plans to sell 19 cottages at Sharpness in Gloucestershire have left the tenants concerned about the future. The Sharpness homes will be auctioned next month to a private investor after plans failed to offload them to the council or a housing association. Tenants say they are unable to buy their own homes and are concerned that there is no guarantee a responsible landlord will take on the properties. British Waterways insists the existing tenancy agreements will be protected. The intention to sell the properties on Severn Road and Great Western Road was first raised in October 2009....

  • Inglesham Lock restoration begins bbc.co.uk

    Work has begun in a three-week summer camp by the Waterways Recovery Group towards restoration of Inglesham Lock, where the River Thames near Lechlade, meets the Cotswold Canals restoration scheme. More than 60 volunteers began clearing vegetation towards the restoration on Sunday 14th August. Their work, which will last for three weeks, will see them clear vegetation above the lock and start to rebuild the upper wing walls....

  • Fleet sets off on Thames and Severn Canal cruise stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk

    A fleet of ships has set sail [sic] from Saul Heritage Centre on to commemorate 100 years since the last vessel travelled the entire length of the Thames and Severn Canal. High Sheriff of Gloucestershire, Mark Heywood, gave a speech to commemorate the landmark event....

  • Waterways charity opposes proposed Orchard Wharf concrete plant docklands24.co.uk

    Waterways charity Thames 21 is opposing plans for a concrete plant which could be built next to the East India Dock Basin nature reserve. Thames21 says the proposed development of a 17,200 square metre site in Orchard Wharf, Leamouth, will jeopardise the Lea River Park project, which is creating a parkland walkway between the Olympic Park and East India Dock Basin, and degrade the quality of the environment through “noise, dust and exhaust pollution”. Aggregate Industries and London Concrete have jointly applied to build a plant and jetty on the edge of the Thames....

  • Gloucester Waterways Museum seeks duty manager jobs.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk

    Jobs like this don't come around very often. We are looking for someone who wants a genuine hands-on opportunity to help run this jewel of a museum in the beautiful setting of the historic Gloucester Docks....

Monday 15 August

Today's news from the web

  • Rosie and Jim trip for ambulance crew kidderminstershuttle.co.uk

    A quick-thinking Kidderminster ambulance crew and their patient took a more sedate journey when they commandeered a barge on the Droitwich canal in rural Herefordshire. Mike Horton and Grant Salsby had to ask for a lift back to their ambulance from a couple passing by in their narrow boat, after treating the patient - a man in his 70s who had collapsed....

Friday 12 August

Vandals drain Fens Pool

Vandals have damaged to the water control paddles of the Fens Pool Reservoir feeding the Stourbridge Canal at Brierley Hill in Dudley, nearly emptying the reservoir and flooding the Fens Branch, as well as causing localised flood damage to local businesses. 

Local BW manager Dean Davies said that aside from flooding and damage to local businesses, the damage will cause water shortages in the area in what has been a very dry summer. 

“I am extremely disappointed that the actions of a few have caused such a major problem”, he said.  “Losing such a huge amount of water only adds to our water shortage problems and I would urge anyone who does have any information on this to contact Customer Services on 01827 252 000 or the local Police on 0845 113 5000.”

While it comes on the tail of a ghastly week of countrywide rioting, it is not known if this latest vandalism is related.  The waterways have been mercifully free of the disorder plaguing the cities last weekend, with only the attempted arson of a wooden footbridge on the Paddington Arm near London on Tuesday causing any problems for British Waterways.  

Andrew Denny  | 2.53pm

Today's news from the web

  • Man missing as tug boat capsizes in Thames at Deptford bbc.co.uk

    One man is missing after a tug boat overturned on the River Thames in south-east London. The vessel capsized and sunk at about 11:00 BST in Convoys Wharf in Deptford, near Greenwich Pier....

  • Maidenhead £5million waterways plans submitted maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk

    Multi-million pound plans to create a navigable waterway around Maidenhead town centre have been submitted to the Royal Borough this week. Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group (MWRG) has spent four years working on a £5m scheme to create a 2km 'ring' of water around the town which can be used by small boats and canoeists. The revamped waterway would extend from Town Moor, where the channel splits into York Stream and Moor Cut, through the town centre to Green Lane where the channel rejoins....

  • Hargreaves Lock Gates at Sowerby Bridge throw open doors for visitors yorkshirepost.co.uk

    The firm of Hargreaves Lock Gates, in the Calder valley town near Halifax, will open its doors to the public for the first time for Saturday’s start of the Rochdale Canal Festival. Expert lock makers Nigel Lord and Dick Booth were responsible for restoring the lock gates for re-opening the Rochdale Canal. They also made and installed enormous new gates for the combined Tuel Lane Deep Lock, the deepest lock on an inland waterway in the UK. The pair ran the Rochdale Canal Workshop at Callis Mill from 1982 until the formation of Hargreaves Lock Gates in 2008...

Thursday 11 August

Today's news from the web

  • Derby Canal plan gets green light ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk

    Derbshire voted unanimously for a plan to restore the Derby to Sandiacre Canal, to a navigable waterway at a meeting last week. Paul Turner, founder of the canal’s trust, said the restoration work would create jobs ‘in the short and long term’ and help to improve the natural environment. Cllr Howard Griffiths said at the Erewash Borough Council planning meeting on Wednesday: “It’s a massive project and will take some tremendous fundraising to be able to complete, but it does have some brilliant benefits for the environment in the long term....

  • Blisworth village hosts biggest canal festival northamptonchron.co.uk

    Around 10,000 people attended Northamptonshire’s biggest canal event in Blisworth. The Blisworth Canal Festival, which took place throughout the village over the weekend, saw 1,400ft of trade boats lined up on the water....

  • 'Queen of the Clyde' is up for sale eveningtimes.co.uk

    A former Clyde steamer left rusting in London for two years could get a new lease of life. The 78-year-old Queen Mary was abandoned in a dock on the River Thames after ferrying families ‘doon the watter’ for more than 40 years. But now one of the grand old ladies of the Clyde could be re-born as she goes to auction later this month....

  • Water colours: Art in an alternative setting independent.co.uk

    Environmental artist Steve Messam has erected seven four-metre high red spires in order to explore the journey of water through Northamptonshire’s rivers, canals, water towers and reservoirs. They are set in the Oxford Canal, near the historic narrow boating village of Braunston, which is the heart of the UK canal system. The installation is set against the backdrop of All Saints Church, ‘the cathedral of the canals’ within rural Northamptonshire. It has been set up to look at both the county’s relationship to its canal network and its longstanding reputation for being ‘the county of spires and squires.’...

  • Manchester City's Jumbo Jet and Manchester United's Barge manchesterconfidential.co.uk

    ... A week later, I hopped on the inaugral Manchester Utd barge tour, which set sail from Castlefield and took us to Old Trafford via the Bridgewater and Manchester ship canals. It's a good route if you want to see the differing rates of progress between Manchester, Salford and Trafford and as well as shiny new apartments, the tour passes some of the city's more unloved buildings, replete with grafitti and smashed in windows - broken teeth among the shiny new veneers of the recent property boom....

  • Horseboat Vixen on journey to Rochdale Canal Festival halifaxcourier.co.uk

    A HORSE-DRAWN boat was making its way along Calderdale’s waterways yesterday in the run-up to the Rochdale Canal festival. Members of the Horseboating Society flanked Bilbo the horse as he pulled the passenger vessel Vixen from Brighouse to Sowerby Bridge, where the event kicks off on Saturday. Towpath users were delighted at the rare sight, which is one of only five horse-drawn passenger boats in the country. Sue Day, of the Horseboating Society, said: “There have been lots of photos. Everyone has been smiling and happy to see us.”...

  • Polluted drinking water forces closure of Crofton pumping station thisiswiltshire.co.uk

    Crofton Pumping Station, the Wiltshire tourist attraction on the Kennet & Avon Canal, has had to close as the water supply at the station has been condemned as unfit to drink. Committee members of the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust, which runs the centre, fear that the pollutants in the borehole that supplies the pumping station and its neighbouring cottages might come from fields in the area. Mike Rodd, chairman of the trust’s council, said: “At first we thought it was seepage from the canal but tests have shown that the pollutants might come from animals, which leads us to think it is coming from the fields....

Wednesday 10 August

Oxford Canal water problems getting worse

Water supply problems on the summit of the Oxford Canal are being compounded by a leak in a culvert near  Braunston, says British Waterways. And a 24 hour stoppage to investigate the culvert leak is causing problems for boats racing to get to the Cropredy Folk Festival, which starts tomorrow, Thursday 11th August.

Drought has mean t the Claydon and Napton lock hours have been limited to 10am-2pm each day, to ensure that locks are used as efficiently as possible. 

Meanwhile, the apparently leaking culvert under the canal, between Bridges 101 and 102 near Braunston, led to a temporary closure today on the Napton Junction-Braunston section, so that BW could investigate the problem. 

The appropriately named Lee King, maintenance manager for BW's South East, said that they were pulling out all the stops to help the large numbers of boats now trying to cross the summit for the Cropredy Festival.

Andrew Denny  | 4.43pm

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