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Tuesday 8 January

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  • Uh-oh, CRT confirm Middlewich aqueduct leak winsfordguardian.co.uk

    The Canal and River Trust has confirmed that there is a leak in the Middlewich aqueduct in Nantwich Road. 0 comment The leak had been spotted by residents shortly after the £3.2 million repair works were completed on the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union Canal. A spokesperson for the Canal and River Trust said: "There is a leak at the Middlewich aqueduct. It was leaking quite a lot between Christmas and new year but isn’t that bad as of today....

Monday 7 January

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  • Volunteers save dog from being sucked down lock paddle on Grand Union watfordobserver.co.uk

    Steve Mander, based in Rickmansworth, was pictured rescuing the dog from the Grand Union Canal, after it was found struggling near a water gate yesterday. He lay down on his stomach and reached under and was able to retrieve the Labrador before any harm could be done. With just its head and paws above water in the seven foot canal, Mr Mander and four more volunteers from the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust recovered the stricken animal after it was trapped in the ‘sluice’ gate, which controls water levels in the canal via the lock. ...

Thursday 3 January

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  • Erie Canal locks 'Five-Rise' restoration gets $1.2M funding stream news.wbfo.org

    The Erie Canal's own 'Five-Rise' locks - equivalent to the Leeds & Liverpool's Bingley Five-Rise - is set to get a restoration after gaining £1.2m in funding. The set of five fully intact Erie Canal locks in Lockport, numbered 67-71. called the "Flight of Five" staircase, raise boats the difference in elevation between Lakes Erie and Ontario. In Lockport, that difference is 60'. Dave Kinyon, Chair of the Lockport Locks Heritage District Corporation, said one of the five locks - number 67 - was rehabbed in 2014 in Phase 1 of the project. "Right now, we've been able to put together federal and state funding in the amount of $1.2 million to enable us to rehabilitate Lock 68," Kinyon said, "which will then just leave two remaining locks - Locks 67 and 71 - to be rehabilitated, so we can bring the Flight of Five back to operating condition."...

  • New guidebook for Stroud canal restoration stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk

    A new guidebook has been released for the Stroud Valleys canal users. The guide for the navigable sections of the canal has been produced by Cotswold Canals Trust (CCT) Trow Magazine editor David Jowett and Stroud Valleys Canal Company (SVCC) chair Peter Best. It will be published four times a year, December, March, June and September, to enable constant updates as facilities open (or perhaps close as maintenance or development occurs.)...

Thursday 20 December

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  • 1,000 tonnes of floating pennywort removed from EA rivers gov.uk

    Not all greenery is festive – that’s the reminder from the Environment Agency this Christmas, after teams have removed more than 1,000 tonnes of highly-invasive floating pennywort from river networks in the Anglian region. More than 500 tonnes were removed from the Bedford Ouse, 400 tonnes from the River Cam, and 200 tonnes from the Ely Ouse....

Sunday 16 December

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  • I actually work in insurance says RCR boss postonline.co.uk

    After buying her own boat, Stephanie Horton, managing director of River Canal Rescue realised not everyone has the expertise to fix their vessels so now she comes to the aid of those in trouble on the water...

Tuesday 11 December

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  • Attention boaters: Erie Canal will stay toll free for next 3 years buffalonews.com

    The New York State Canal Corporation has announced Tuesday that it will continue its policy of not charging pleasure boaters tolls to use the Erie Canal or its locks and lift bridges for at least the next two years. The policy will run through 2021. The tolls – $25 to $100 depending on the boat size – were lifted in 2017 to mark the 200th anniversary of the beginning of canal construction, and the no-charge policy continued this year. The result, according to the Canal Corp., was more pleasure boat traffic. The Canal Corp. counted 71,529 passes through locks or under lift bridges by pleasure boats this year, a 3 percent increase from 2017. The Canal Corp. also set the navigation season to last from the Friday of the week before Memorial Day to the Wednesday after Columbus Day. In 2019, that's May 17 to Oct. 16....

Friday 7 December

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  • Housing plans unveiled for Wilts & Berks development at Wichelstowe swindonadvertiser.co.uk

    Detailed designs for another part of the Wichelstowe development overlooking the Wilts & Berks Canal have been put forward by the builder, David Wilson Homes. The company has already got permission to build 109 houses on a site bounded by a section of the Wilts and Berks canal to the west, Mill Lane to the east and the superstore's car park to the north, in the part of the development called Canalside which developer says "will be the most attractive area of Wichelstowe." Whereas most of the homes will be traditional semi-detached or detached suburban houses, units fronting the canal will be significantly different....

  • Tender for building new Canal Istanbul to be held next year hurriyetdailynews.com

    Turkey will hold a tender for the construction of a 45-kilometer shipping canal running parallel to the Bosphorus Strait, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Dec. 6, despite a government freeze on new investments as it reins in spending....

  • Body found in Grantham Canal near Dirty Duck pub bbc.co.uk

    A body has been found in a stretch of canal near a rural pub in Lincolnshire, police have said. A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said the man's body was found on Wednesday close to the Dirty Duck pub in the Grantham Canal near Woolsthorpe....

Wednesday 5 December

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Friday 30 November

Today's news from the web

  • Two men each fined £440 for illegally fishing in Shropshire Union shropshirestar.com

    Dumitru Stancu, 24, and Adrian Diaconescu, 21, both of Newhampton Road West in Wolverhampton, were both caught without a fishing licence on the Shropshire Union Canal, and this week they were fined £440 each. They were found guilty at Telford Magistrates Court on Wednesday of using unlicensed rods and breaking a national bylaw of removing fish without permission, on June 3 of this year. Neither man appeared at court....

Thursday 29 November

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Tuesday 27 November

Derby Canal project to see cruises return to River Derwent

After an absence of about two decades, river cruises are set to return to the heart of Derby.

Derby City Council and the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership have approved a grant of £55,000 to help the Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust buy a trip-boat and construct a landing stage below Exeter Bridge.

The electrically powered boat will cruise a 1½-mile route to the weir at Darley Mills with the first cruises expected this summer.

The news came as the city council unveiled a longer-term plan for the city’s waterfront on 14th November. This would encourage riverside commercial developments, a marina and visitor moorings, and the long-proposed Derby Arm boat-lift. This giant tourist attraction, a latter-day Falkirk Wheel, would move boats from the restored canal at nearby Pride Park on to the Derwent. Locks would also be built through the two existing weirs, to make the river navigable far beyond Darley Mills.

“I am pleased the city council has embraced our long-standing idea of making the most of the river in the city centre, and finally giving Derby a waterfront,” said Chris Madge, director of the Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust.

WW will examine developments on the restoration in more detail in an upcoming issue.

Andrew Denny  | 3.36pm | add a comment

Today's news from the web

  • A new tunnel for the Chesterfield Canal at Norwood chesterfield-canal-trust.org.uk

    The Chesterfield Canal Trust proposes that a new tunnel should be built at Norwood. This would go under the planned HS2 embankment as well as the M1 and run at the original tunnel level. ...

  • Why boat trips through Derby city centre could happen as early as next year derbytelegraph.co.uk

    Plans are being explored to launch boat trips on the River Derwent from Derby city centre as early as next year.

    Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust said it was in talks with Derby City Council to create a new visitor attraction for Derby as part of its longer-term plans to bring the city’s waterways back into use.

    Initially, the trips would run between the steps near Derby's Council House and the picturesque weir at Darley Abbey.


Tuesday 30 October

Today's news from the web

  • Forth & Clyde Canal bridges to reopen in April 2019 b falkirkherald.co.uk

    Scottish Canals is to use part of a Scottish Government cash boost to fix two broken local canal bridges - but they won’t be open until April next year. Boat transits through the Bonnybridge and Twechar lift bridges on the Forth and Clyde Canal are suspended because of outstanding repairs - fuelling complaints from pressure group Keep Canals Alive! that the original aim of canal restoration is being badly compromised. ...

Thursday 25 October

Today's news from the web

  • Disgust after memorial plaques stolen from benches on Bridgwater & Taunton canal somersetcountygazette.co.uk

    Emma Sears was walking along the canal path on Sunday (October 21) when she saw a man measuring a bench and he told her the plaques had been stolen. Images show rectangles of discoloured wood have been left on the benches in place of tributes to residents’ loved ones. "I think it is shocking that someone could be so low," Emma said. "The man I met on the path was taking measurements down to get the plaque replaced...

Tuesday 9 October

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  • Lancaster University study gives boost to canal towpath trail thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk

    Sculpture trails, festivals, events and circular walks are among ideas for enhancing a towpath trail along the Lancaster Canal, according to new research. 0 comment The Lancaster Canal Regeneration Partnership (LCRP) set students the task of exploring what locals and potential visitors want from the new 27-mile pathway between Kendal and Lancaster. Six marketing students from Lancaster University did face-to-face interviews and an online survey with more than 350 people. Their findings confirmed there is "a huge appetite for a long-distance waterway path, linking communities along the route of the Lancaster Canal", said the LCRP....

Thursday 4 October

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  • "Four dogs a week plunge from 30ft Llangollen Canal 'danger wall' dailypost.co.uk

    Pet owners are being warned about a "dangerous wall" on the Llangollen Canal which sees a number of dogs plummet 30ft into people's gardens on a weekly basis. A homemade sign that has been put up near Llangollen Canal urges walkers to keep their dogs on a lead when passing a low parapet wall with a high drop the other side. It comes after mum, Kelly Davidson from Wirral was landed with a £7,000 vet bill after her Jackapoo, Marley fell, snapping his leg in three places. Now the 42-year-old is campaigning for more signs to give owners enough warning of the danger, after residents told her it happens all the time....

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