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Thursday 8 April

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  • State-of-the-art footbridge across the Leeds & Liverpool icseftonandwestlancs.icnetwork.co.uk

    A STATE-of-the-art bridge that led to a worldwide design search has been completed. It took three years to build – now the footbridge across the Leeds to Liverpool Canal links the two communities in Linacre and Klondyke. ...

  • Gotcha – hook, line and sinker thisiswiltshire.co.uk

    Sightseers calling at Devizes Wharf last week to catch sight of the World War Two submarine supposed to be there were furious to find out they had been had by the Gazette’s April Fools gag. ...

Wednesday 7 April

Today's news from the web

  • Protest over unnavigable Forty Foot River cambstimes.co.uk

    Mr Chambers said: "The protest proved our point that it is completely impossible to get through. We've been fighting this for four years and no one seems to be willing to put the lock back into working order."...

  • Seal spotted in London's East End eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk

    Meet Sammy - the little fella cheerfully putting a smile on everyone's face. The seal has reappeared in the past week playing in Millwall Inner Dock, where he's taken a particular shine to a piece of piping and was snapped by Advertiser photographer Joe Lord. The seal, who's made plenty of appearances over the years in the East End's waters, has kept workers and residents captivated with his playful antics. ...

  • Burnley canal clean-up pledge thisislancashire.co.uk

    Clean-up campaigns have been pledged along the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Burnley and Pendle after it was revealed that waterway chiefs spend up to £40,000 each year tackling fly-tipping along towpaths. ...

Tuesday 6 April

Today's news from the web

  • British Waterways staff find stolen church silverware waterscape.com

    Last month, two British Waterways workers carrying out routine maintenance on the Ashby Canal at Higham on the Hill discovered the silverware inside a bag. The safe at St John’s Church, Hinckley, was broken into in June 2003. The thief took papers, along with two silver chalices and a communion plate which were worth around £3,500....

  • Chesterfield Canal champion dies waterscape.com

    Keith Ayling, former Chairman of the Chesterfield Canal Trust, passed away on the the morning of Wednesday 30 March. Keith had stepped down from his 18 year stint as chairman exactly a year before his death. He had continued his work with the Trust in the post of Vice-President. ...

  • Legacy allows work to begin at northern end of Wey & Arun Canal waterscape.com

    The Wey & Arun Canal Trust has received a substantial legacy from the Ed and Doris Hunt Memorial Fund which will enable them to create a 'green corridor' of recreational opportunities at the northern end of the Wey & Arun Canal. Although most of the Wey & Arun Canal Trust’s recent work has concentrated on the operational section at Loxwood, WACT is mindful of the need to link the former Wey & Arun Junction Canal to the rest of the navigable waterways system....

  • Beer stolen from boat lutterworthmail.co.uk

    A THIEF stole beer from a canal boat moored in Foxton. The break in happened at moorings near Swingbridge Street in the village, some time between Tuesday last week and Easter Sunday....

  • Waste from Drax power station to be transported by boat yorkpress.co.uk

    Drax held a trial run in January when it transported 1,200 tonnes of pulverised fuel ash to Ireland by ship down the River Ouse and into the North Sea. The trial was so successful that bosses at the power station, backed by the Environment Agency, British Waterways North East and Hull & Goole Port Authority, have give the go-ahead for one shipment by river and sea each month. ...

  • Hungerford footbridge plans on show newburytoday.co.uk

    People in Hungerford have the chance to see how a new £400,000 canal bridge in the centre of the town could look. ...

  • Maesbury boat-builder searches for clues to brother's death bordercountiesadvertizer.co.uk

    A MAESBURY man who pulled his dead brother from a canal has pleaded for anyone with information to come forward and help piece together the circumstances surrounding the death. ...

  • Becket's Park marina work underway visitanglianwaterways.co.uk

    The transformation of a disused boating lake into an 80-berth marina is taking another step forward this week. Around 250 fish, including pike, tench, carp, roach and an eel, have been moved from the lake at Northampton's Becket's Park by the Environment Agency and released into the River Nene. The water has been drained into the river via gravity-fed channels and a pump is currently being used to empty the last of the water. It is expected this work will be completed by the end of this week....

Tuesday 30 March

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Monday 29 March

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Thursday 25 March

Today's news from the web

  • Bridge go ahead unlocks Burnley industrial park lancashiretelegraph.co.uk

    Negotiations have been ongoing between the developers of the sprawling Burnley Bridge business park, on the former Hepworth's site near Hapton, and Leeds-based property agents Eshton and a deal has now been reached. ...

Wednesday 24 March

24 March 2010: Independence Day

It's official - Britain's canals are to leave Government control after 62 years.

The 2010 Budget, delivered today, announced that British Waterways will be ‘mutualised' - probably as a charitable trust. The decision confirms BW's ambitions to join the third sector, first announced in May 2009, and promoted in Waterways World since the year before. The move is often described as ‘a National Trust for the waterways'.

The Treasury announcement states: “Government has concluded that it would be desirable to mutualise British Waterways in England and Wales, giving the waterways' users and the communities that live alongside a greater involvement in how they are managed.”

It agrees with BW that the “favoured option” is a charitable trust, which would hold the waterways on a long lease from Government, and manage their operation. The English and Welsh waterways would be included, but Scotland's waterways will be considered separately, and could remain under Edinburgh's control.

The exact shape of this trust, however, is not yet decided. The Government wants a structure in which “all users, local communities and other stakeholders [can] hold the new body to account”. It also says the structure must protect “waterway assets and the public benefits they bring, now and in the future”.

Exciting news - and though the road certainly won't be trouble-free on the way to a waterways charity, this could be just what the canals and rivers need. We'll have more details in May's WW.

Richard Fairhurst  | 3.22pm | 1 comment

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