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Monday 1 August

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  • Grandfather to pull his 12-ton narrowboat for 10 miles along Bridgewater Canal messengernewspapers.co.uk

    A diabetic grandfather is about to undertake a challenge that is anything but plain sailing – pulling his 12-ton canal boat for 10 miles in just 12 hours. John Hickson, originally from Flixton but now living in Timperley, will attempt to single-handedly pull his 45ft narrowboat ‘Jus’ Chillin’ from Lymm to Stretford along the Bridgewater Canal. The 58-year-old is embarking on the challenge to raise funds for Diabetes UK and The Christie, setting himself a target of £10,000....

Monday 18 July

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  • Floating classroom for Walsall Primary School walsalladvertiser.co.uk

    An innovative Walsall school is set to make waves in the local area by holding a floating classroom in its narrow boat. Millfield Primary School students in Catshill Road, Brownhills will be causing a splash with their studies in their boat as they swap the classroom for the canal. The boat was purchased for just £1 and has now been unveiled with renovations costing around £20,000....

Wednesday 13 July

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  • Man sails down Forth & Clyde canal in an origami paper boat eveningtimes.co.uk

    This is the bizarre moment a life-size origami paper boat set sail down a canal in Glasgow. The five metre long construction travelled down the Glasgow canal thanks to a water resistant coating on Saturday. The art project was the brainchild of German artist Frank Boelter who has previously travelled to England, Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka to bring people together with origami projects. ...

Friday 1 July

Today's news from the web

  • The New Panama Canal: A Risky Bet nytimes.com

    ...But when the speeches and the celebrations end, one inescapable fact will remain: The expanded canal’s future is cloudy at best, its safety, quality of construction and economic viability in doubt, an investigation by The New York Times has found. In simple terms, to be successful, the new canal needs enough water, durable concrete and locks big enough to safely accommodate the larger ships. On all three counts, it has failed to meet expectations, according to dozens of interviews with contractors, canal workers, maritime experts and diplomats, as well as a review of public and internal records. ...

Thursday 30 June

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  • Innovative Mon & Brec canal lock opened to the public southwalesargus.co.uk

    Lower Brake Lock, on the Ty Coch section of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal is the first of six local locks to be restored to their former glory as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Waterworks Project. Restoration began at Ty Coch in 2012. Volunteer Luke Shanahan, 22, from Trevethin, said: “I got involved with this when I was unemployed. I wasn’t interested in canals but I now really enjoy it and have learnt new skills in stonework, carpentry and driving heavy machinery....

Tuesday 21 June

Today's news from the web

  • Houseboat tenant threatened to nut landlord courtnewsuk.co.uk

    A retired property developer who threatened to head-butt his landlord after being evicted from his houseboat has been handed a restraining order. Timothy Gosselin, 67, confronted Paul Webster, boss of the Chelsea Yacht & Boat Co Ltd, after bailiffs cleared all his belongings from his vessel. Gosselin, who is currently sleeping in his car, had been accused of making a ‘nuisance’ of himself by the company’s other boat-dwelling tenants. ...

Wednesday 15 June

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  • Child sex offender 'may be using canals to evade capture' mirror.co.uk

    Police are hunting for a child sex offender who may be using the UK's canal network to evade capture. Michael Crabb, 53, was last seen in Uxbridge, Middlesex, on March 17 - the same day he was released from his nine year prison sentence subject to licence conditions. He was originally jail for undisclosed child sex offences. Crabb is alleged to be in breach of those conditions for failing to notify a change of address - and he is now being recalled to prison. Detectives are warning the public not to approach Crabb, who has links to Uxbridge, Iver, Slough and Warwickshire, and call 999 immediately if he is seen....

Sunday 12 June

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  • When the James Brindley statue was returned to Stoke-on-Trent in 1990 stokesentinel.co.uk

    It was a fitting tribute to the innovative 18th century engineer. In 1990, a statue created in honour of James Brindley was returned to Stoke-on-Trent via some of the waterways he created. These images, discovered in our archives, capture different stages of the process, from the building of the statue to its unveiling at Etruria. ...

Friday 10 June

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  • Halesowen Abbey Trust bid to restore canal at the Leasowes, Halesowen halesowennews.co.uk

    Conservationists are launching an ambitious bid to restore a section of canal at a Halesowen beauty spot to recreate a once-popular leisure attraction. A failed restoration attempt in the 1990s has left the section of the Lapal (Dudley No 2) Canal with very little water. It stands on the top of the embankment above Leasowes Park and Hales Owen Abbey Trust is keen to restore it for boating and fishing, to boost wildlife and enhance the landscape. Trust member Mick Freer, currently co-ordinating the restoration of Leasowes Walled Garden, said the two projects could be run in tandem and would complement each other. Fellow trust member and canal man Roy Burgess will take the lead on the restoration of the section, which he estimated would cost £400,000 to £500,000....

  • Dog with gym weight tied to it found dead in L&L canal at Wigan bbc.co.uk

    A dog with an exercise weight attached to his harness has been found dead in a Greater Manchester canal. The Pomeranian-cross called Milo was spotted by a member of the public in water near Appley Bridge, Wigan, on Tuesday evening. The male dog, aged about five, was wearing a blue harness to which a 1.25kg exercise weight had been tied. The RSPCA said the animal - who had been in the canal for two weeks - was micro-chipped, but it was out-of-date....

Wednesday 8 June

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  • Cow rescued from canal near Market Drayton shropshirestar.com

    A fire crew were called out to the scene at Adderley, near Market Drayton, at about 2am after a report the animal was stuck in the canal. Firefighters used lifting, animal harnesses and straps to get the cow out of the canal by about 4am. A spokesman for Shropshire Fire and Rescue said the cow is thought to wandered to the canal in search of water following last night's hot weather. ...

Tuesday 7 June

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  • James Brindley’s 300th birthday celebrated by Lichfield canal volunteers lichfieldlive.co.uk

    The spirit of the 18th Century was recreated at Speakers’ Corner in Lichfield in a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of James Brindley. The Staffordshire-born engineer had a vision of a Lichfield canal from Minster Pool into the River Trent which would have made the city the hub of a national transport network. His project got as far as surveying the route, estimating the costs and issuing a notice in December 1759 proposing to apply for an Act of Parliament to give assent for the canal, but lack of backing led to the abandonment of the section of the canal into Minster Pool. On Saturday (June 4) volunteers of Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust, dressed in period costume, accompanied an oration at Minster Pool’s Speakers Corner, by Peter Buck, the Trust’s Engineering Director....

Thursday 2 June

Today's news from the web

  • Bookshop on a boat celebrates 30 years launceston-today.co.uk

    A well-loved Christian bookshop celebrated 30 years since first opening on board a 70-foot canal narrowboat at the Canal Wharf in Bude on Thursday, May 26. From humble beginnings, the ‘Book-boat’ as it was known then, has developed into a valuable resource centre for books, DVDs, gifts and much more. Ark Angel as it is known now, also meets the needs of many visitors to the area who head straight for the shop, now on dry land in the town centre....

  • Cambridge teacher hit by housing crisis faces eviction from narrow boat – leaving family homeless cambridge-news.co.uk

    Eleanor is a teacher at a secondary school in Cambridge. She lives on a Dutch Barge on the River Cam with her husband and three children. The family are currently mooring in Chesterton. However, due to a new development of luxury homes by the river, one of which is listed with a guide price of £1.325m, they are now being told they must leave. ...

Wednesday 1 June

Today's news from the web

  • New artwork installed at Neptune's Staircase on the Caledonian Canal pressandjournal.co.uk

    A dramatic new artwork has been unveiled in the north of Scotland. Visitors to the Caledonian Canal in Lochaber have been invited to gaze into Neptune’s Mirror. The art installation has been erected next to Neptune’s Staircase, which is the longest lock flight in Britain. ...

Wednesday 25 May

Today's news from the web

  • Restored 19th-century canal ‘could be a tourist attraction’ thechronicleherald.ca

    Nestled on the shore of Grand Lake at Wellington sits a restored remnant of one of the world’s engineering marvels. But does anyone know about it? Lock 5 is just one part of the historic Shubenacadie Canal system from the mid-1800s that stretches from Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth to Maitland on the Bay of Fundy. Fully restored, it’s a prime example of the system’s nine locks used, along with inclined planes known as ‘marine railways,’ seven lakes and the Shubenacadie River, to ferry ships and goods 115 kilometres through the Nova Scotia interior....

Thursday 12 May

Today's news from the web

  • New marina and 700 more jobs at Gloucester in extra £100million investment gloucestercitizen.co.uk

    Seven hundred more jobs will be created in the city as a result of a further £100million investment by the developer behind Gloucester Quays. Peel Holdings' £260million investment to date in the waterside food and retail centre has already created more than 3,470 full and part-time jobs, according to the firm's own figures. Jason Pullen, managing director of Peel Outlets, the owner-operator of Gloucester Quays, announced the next phase of what he said was a 10-year vision. ...

Tuesday 10 May

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  • Dragon boaters complete L&L canal charity challenge thetelegraphandargus.co.uk

    Dragon boaters in Bradford have successfully finished a unique charity challenge by paddled the full length of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The Trans-Pennine Dragon Boat Challenge aims saw two 250kg, 12-metre boats, each containing 16 paddlers, one helm and one drummer, negotiate 128 miles of the canal, conquering all obstacles on route including 91 locks, numerous swing bridges and several tunnels....

Friday 6 May

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Thursday 5 May

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