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Monday 8 June

Today's news from the web

  • Two people and dogs rescued from boat run aground on River Severn worcesternews.co.uk

    Firefighters rescued two people and two dogs from a boat that had run aground on the River Severn near Worcester yesterday evening (Saturday, June 6). Crews were alerted to the problem just after 6pm, on a stretch of the river north of Bevere lock....

Friday 5 June

Today's news from the web

  • Chester canal lock keeper helps rescue mother and baby chesterchronicle.co.uk

    A lock-keeper helped save the life of a mother and baby during a dramatic incident on the canal near Chester’s Telford’s Warehouse on 4th June. Paddy McGovern, a Canal & River Trust operative, was working at Northgate Locks about 11am when he heard screaming after a young woman and her tiny infant fell in to the deepest part of the canal, under the railway bridge. She had been startled after pigeons flew into her face, causing her – and the pram she was pushing – to end up in the water although it is unclear whether she was holding the baby at the time. Paddy and passer-by ‘Laura’ ran to the aid of the mother who, while still in the water, was holding her baby aloft....

  • Stretch of historic Newry to Portadown canal to be reflooded bbc.co.uk

    A four-mile stretch of an historic canal is to be reflooded for the first time in almost 75 years. New lock gates have been fitted on a section of the Newry to Portadown canal between Poyntzpass and Scarva. Finished in 1742, it is the oldest man-made canal in Britain and Ireland. Volunteers have spent almost 1,000 hours making and fitting the gates which have now been closed to allow a build-up of water. Ultimately, it is hoped the section will be used by shallow draft boats and canoeists. ...

  • Rebirth of canals in Wigan is inspired wigantoday.net

    When I first came to live in Wigan more than a quarter century ago, the canals were not, by and large, places you would want to visit unless you had to. The Pier was in its tourist attraction pomp, but most of the waterways and towpaths leading to it were polluted and overgrown. Then came the revolution and, little by little, these historic highways were reclaimed, not as commercial arteries as of old but as attractive leisure routes for foot, bike and boat....

Thursday 4 June

BBC seeks boaters for Home Away From Home TV show

The producers of BBC TV's Home Away From Home show are looking for canal boat owners interested in appearing on the programme, which they are about to begin filming. 
Home Away From Home watches couples from around the country swap homes with one another for three days. 

"It’s a chance to have a new experience and discover local cuisine, sight-seeing that goes beyond the guide book, and an authentic place to stay," says the producer's blurb. 

"It might be that people are considering a home swap for the first time or have swapped many times before. It’s very much a warm-hearted series and celebrates the beauty of our homes and localities in the UK." 

Time is short: they are starting to film this month, and expect to wrap it up by the end of August.  They've got other types of houses lined up, but no boats yet. 

Call Emma Linstead of the BBC on 0208 008 1468 if you fancy swapping your boat home, and appearing on telly, for a few days. 

Andrew Denny  | 1.12pm | add a comment

Tuesday 2 June

Consultation on Glos & Sharpness bridges

The Canal & River Trust has started an online consultation asking boaters and local residents about proposed changes to the way the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal lift and swing bridges operate.

CRT proposes to install remote control technology on the canal bridges, allowing boaters to operate the bridges remotely from their smartphones. Many of the bridges are passable without opening, and others can’t be opened during rush hour traffic, but it would reduce the need for bridge keepers on site. At this stage there is no talk of job cuts, although inevitably it would reduce the need for staff on site.

The survey will run until the 30th of June.To find out more about the plans and take part in the survey, please visit www.canalrivertrust.org.uk/gsbridges.

Andrew Denny  | 11.37am | add a comment

Thursday 28 May

Today's news from the web

  • Waterways holidays in Britain: From canoeing in Scotland to narrowboating in the Pennines independent.co.uk

    There are many adventures to be had on canals and rivers,writes Paul Miles. Our television screens have been awash with programmes about travelling along canals of late, a trend kick-started by Barging Round Britain with John Sergeant earlier in the year and climaxing with BBC4's much-talked-about, two-hour "slow television" narrowboat cruise, The Canal. Britain has more than 2,000 miles of navigable inland waterways; once a cutting-edge transport network of the Industrial Revolution, today these liquid highways offer a route to relaxation....

Monday 25 May

Today's news from the web

  • New equipment donated to Nuneaton canal trips charity nuneaton-news.co.uk

    WorkSafe Training Systems has presented an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the Hargreaves Narrowboat Trust. Set up as part of former Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth's, Tom Hargreaves, annual appeal, it has provided groups of up to 12 people with trips on the canal network around Nuneaton for more than 20 years....

Thursday 21 May

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Tuesday 19 May

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Sunday 17 May

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Tuesday 12 May

Today's news from the web

  • England's water voles in desperate decline, says CRT theguardian.com

    English waterways could lose one of their most charismatic and once widespread residents as water voles succumb to the invasive American mink, records released by the Canal and River Trust show. Between 1970 and 1999, water voles were found on 269 of the 2,000 miles of waterways managed by the trust. But since the turn of the century, their range dropped by almost 50% to 141 miles....

Tuesday 5 May

Today's news from the web

  • Wilts & Berks Canal Trust to restore derelict Studley Grange stretch bbc.co.uk

    A derelict stretch of Wiltshire canal which was filled in and abandoned last century is to be restored. The Wilts & Berks Canal Trust says it has raised £575,000 in grants to breathe life back into the canal at Studley Grange....

  • Canals take the strain of London's housing crisis theguardian.com

    The growth in the number of people living on canals is putting pressure on London’s waterways, as more people choose to buy or rent boats in response to rising property prices. In hotspots such as Hackney in east London boat numbers have risen by 85% in the past year alone. Overall in London there has been a 36% rise in the past five years. There were 2,175 boats in 2007 and it was less common for owners to live on them all year. There are now more than 3,000 and interest is increasing, with one popular Facebook group, London Boaters, receiving almost daily requests for information from people curious about buying or renting boats....

  • Thrills and spills at two miles an hour on board a narrowboat dailymail.co.uk

    We had three nights on Kite and managed to travel from Llanfoist, near Abergavenny, to Talybont-on-Usk — a round trip of 30 miles. It was terrific fun and action-packed, even at 1-2mph. So, I’m not surprised BBC4 is doing a documentary next Tuesday on canal boating....

Friday 24 April

Today's news from the web

  • Thieves stealing stone from Mirfield could be making getaway - by canal boat examiner.co.uk

    Stone thieves plaguing Mirfield could be making their getaway – by canal boat. The getaway barge theory was floated after a thief pushing stone in a supermarket trolley was chased onto the canalside. The thief escaped but police found a haul of stone stacked up alongside the Calder and Hebble Canal off Station Road, near the Lidl store....

  • Stranded puffin rescued from Grand Union Canal at Brentford getwestlondon.co.uk

    "I'm a bit besotted with puffins and have puffin wind chimes on the boat but it was very bizarre to see one on the Grand Union. We're all interested to know how on earth a coastal bird could end up so far from home."...

Thursday 23 April

Today's news from the web

  • Mikron Theatre Company embark on nationwide canal tour yorkshirelife.co.uk

    A crew of four actor-musicians set sail this month on board Tyseley a theatre company’s vintage narrow boat, to tour the country via inland waterways. They will learn to steer the 72ft vessel, navigate canals and rivers and operate locks, swapping plush theatres and dressing rooms for village greens and beer gardens. ...

Friday 17 April

Today's news from the web

  • Bomb disposal scrambled after dummy wearing balaclava spotted on boat with fake missile launcher dailymail.co.uk

    A full-scale terror alert was sparked this week after a dummy wearing a balaclava was spotted on a boat sailing down the Thames with a fake missile launcher on its roof. Thames Valley Police called an Army bomb disposal team after a startled passer-by reported the 4ft long guided missile in a rocket launcher on top of the barge in Reading. Perched next to the fake warhead were the head and shoulders of a convincing-looking man, his eyes staring grimly from holes cut in a balaclava shrouding his face....

  • Ashton Canal turns into world's biggest bubble bath after blaze dailymail.co.uk

    A Manchester canal was turned into a giant bubble bath after fire crews tackling a nearby chemical plant blaze saw their water mix with a detergent creating a six foot wall of foam. The Ashton Canal was filled with heavy suds which appeared after a fire at an industrial unit occupied by a drug development company. It is believed that the water used by firefighters to dampen down the flames mixed with the detergent being stored in the burning buildings....

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