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Wednesday 13 February

Today's news from the web

  • Stobart steams ahead with plans to redevelop Port of Weston propertyweek.com

    Eddie Stobart will redevelop the port (on the River Weaver/Manchester SHip Canal) into a fully functioning bulk shipping and coastal feeder port comprising up to 400,000 sq ft of warehouses and container handling facilities capable of handling 1m tonnes of freight a year. ...

Tuesday 12 February

Today's news from the web

  • Lock has a brighter future manchestereveningnews.co.uk

    A NEW canal-side business centre will help to kick-start Rochdale's regeneration. ...

Monday 11 February

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  • Eco-friendly restaurant uses canal water caterersearch.com

    A heat-transference system sunk into the canal provides hot and cold water as well as an alternative to air conditioning, while the electric kitchen includes water-based fridges and makes use of hydroelectricity. ...

  • Litter clean-up call for canal chorley-guardian.co.uk

    Barry Waddilove, of Blackburn Road, Whittle-le-Woods, says the pathway along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal is a 'disgusting mess' and the 58-year-old wants it cleaned up and the culprits caught. ...

  • Floods' impact could have been avoided thestar.co.uk

    A RETIRED South Yorkshire businessman who made his living working the region's canals claims last year's devastating floods could have been partly avoided. ...

  • Something Amazing Is Happening Down At Diglis Docks bromsgroveadvertiser.co.uk

    A SWANKY new hotel, a string of cafés and restaurants, and about 1,000 new homes are all well on their way to being built as part of a huge regeneration project on the outskirts of Worcester city centre. ...

Friday 8 February

Today's news from the web

  • Marina proposed for Knowle icsolihull.icnetwork.co.uk

    Angry residents in Knowle are hoping that plans for a proposed marina are scuttled before developers drop anchor in the leafy village. ...

Thursday 7 February

Today's news from the web

  • Work starts on L&L marina pendletoday.co.uk

    Work has begun on a landmark £1m. canal marina on the Pendle border with Burnley which will provide a major tourism boost for the area. ...

  • Quay homes could transform Gloucester thisisgloucestershire.co.uk

    A derelict part of Gloucester's canalside could be transformed if plans to build 417 new homes get the go ahead. ...

  • Villagers shopping around for a donkey 24dash.com

    Bring back the canal donkey, say Cotswold villagers!...

  • Canal cruising in the Pennines grouptravelorganiser.com

    The North Yorkshire-based boat operators, Pennine Boat Trips of Skipton, will open a new canal-side eaterie, the Quay Cafe and Bar, in the spring of this year. ...

Wednesday 6 February

BW finalises licence rises at 8.3%

British Waterways has announced that this year's licence fees are to rise by 8.3% - less than the 12.4% originally proposed (which would have been a 9% rise plus inflation). Today's press statement reads:

British Waterways (BW) has published the results of a three month public consultation into boat licence fees in England and Wales.  As a result of responses from a range of boaters and boating organisations, together with acknowledgement of a downturn in the wider economy, BW will introduce lower than anticipated licence fee increases for 2008.  The 10% prompt payment discount which benefits many fully paid-up boaters will be retained, whilst further measures to crack down on licence evasion, including a new penalty for late payment, will be introduced.
The boat licence fees applicable from April 2008 will be an 8.3% increase for private boat licences (rather than the previously proposed 12.4% increase).  Workboat and trade plate licences will also increase by 8.3%.  Leisure business licences will rise by 3.3% in line with BW's cost inflation index, whilst a relative licence fee increase of 5.35% will apply to small traders and cargo carriers.
A number of further proposals put forward by respondents during the consultation that could impact upon boat licence fees for 2009 and beyond will now be the subject of further consideration with the British Waterways Advisory Forum.
Robin Evans, BW chief executive, comments: "The breadth and depth of submissions to the consultation were well argued and passionate.  In the short term we've recognised the concerns about increasing cost pressures on the boating community by revisiting the licence fee increases for 2008 and in retaining the prompt payment discount which benefits many of our boating customers."
However in making the announcement, Robin acknowledged concerns voiced during the consultation about the requirement for BW to do more to tackle licence evasion which, having completed the recent National Boat Count at the end of 2007, has slipped back 1.3% and now stands at 10.4% (8.7% if those that pay within 28 days are excluded).

Robin continues: "I recognise that the vast majority of boaters are fully paid-up members of the waterways community and considerate of the increased costs incurred when craft licence fees aren't paid on time.  It is only right, and in the best interests of the waterways, that we crack down on the minority of unlicensed boaters who are seemingly happy to ignore both their legal and moral obligation to buy a licence and contribute to the cost of maintaining the network."
Specific new measures to tackle licence evasion include proposals for a £130 fixed cost-related penalty charge for boaters not renewing their licence within one month of its expiry.  In addition, greater investment in patrol staff and budget for legal and contractor costs has been allocated for 2008 and 2009, particularly in the South East and West Midlands which together accommodate over a third of the boats on BW's network.
"Our investment in enforcement has not kept pace with the recent growth in boating and particularly the increase in residential boating which has pushed up the cost of dealing with evasion, but our enforcement systems and procedures are sound.  I am sure that with the further measures we are now adding, there will be a sustained improvement in performance over the coming months," adds Robin.
Commenting on licence fees for 2009 and beyond, Robin says: "Having set out our immediate plans for 2008, our attention will turn to the many suggestions made during the consultation that would impact licence fees from 2009.  We will be inviting the BW Advisory Forum to take a closer look at these suggestions which range from creating a more transparent link between licence fees and improvements in services, to charging differing rates for continuously cruising and 'wide' boats.
"BW will also continue to look at other funding sources, including those local authorities who many boaters feel aren't shouldering their responsibilities for the considerable benefit their communities receive from well maintained waterways.  We are building a relationship with the Local Government Association and plan to meet at director level with a number of key riparian councils to discuss funding over the coming year."

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Today's news from the web

Tuesday 5 February

Today's news from the web

  • Benn holds crisis summit over £1bn hole in Defra budget politics.guardian.co.uk

    For the first time cuts will be imposed on the Environment Agency. ...

  • Locals stunned by BW Cotswolds decision thisisgloucestershire.co.uk

    Mayor of Stroud Coun John Marjoram said he was astounded by British Waterways' move. "We had no inkling of this. It puts a lot of things about the regeneration of the town, especially in the Cheapside area, in jeopardy," he said. ...

  • Wild goose chase down by the canal bordercountiesadvertizer.co.uk

    An outbreak of goose-napping has ruffled feathers down by the canal at Chirk Bank. A flock of six geese, which residents say has delighted visitors for the last ten years, has been rounded up and transported to a 'wildlife sanctuary,' after reports they had been attacking young children. ...

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