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Tuesday 27 November

Today's news from the web

  • Eco-park to spearhead Falkirk regeneration guardian.co.uk

    The centrepiece of the Helix project, between Grangemouth and Falkirk, will be two 30-metre tall horse heads, the world's largest equine sculptures, which will act as a part of a working boatlift for Scotland's lowland canal network. ...

  • Residents declare war on canal rent lep.co.uk

    Angry residents living on the canalside in Shelley Road, Ashton, Preston, have hit out after British Waterways issued them with annual rent bills of up to £444 for transforming grot spots between their backyards and the canal into pretty gardens. ...

  • Online voting begins for The People's 50 Million lottery give-away publictechnology.net

    The biggest-ever Lottery grant decided by public vote has got underway as online voting begins in the Big Lottery Fund's 'The People's £50 Million’ contest which is giving people across the UK the chance to decide which big project will be awarded a Lottery grant of up to £50 million. ...

Monday 26 November

Is all publicity good publicity?

The Ashton Canal made a starring appearance in Coronation Street at the end of October.

But where the rest of TV is celebrating a waterway renaissance and airing property programmes about glamorous canalside flats, Corrie's canal remains a place of death and drownings. The plot is doubtless too byzantine to follow here, but the Manchester Evening News has a fair summary: "David drives his car into the canal at exactly the same spot where Richard Hillman tried to kill the entire Platt family. Meanwhile, in a nearby church, Sarah and Jason are in the middle of their marriage vows." According to a producer on the show, "I don't think we've done a more powerful hour of Coronation Street".

Fan website Corrieblog characterises the canal as "the Water of Death". They may have a point. Apart from the two episodes mentioned above, it cites Danny and Jamie fighting in the (surprisingly shallow) waterway; Steve and Vikram doing the same; Don Brennan driving a taxi into the water in another murder attempt; an "exploding canal boat"; Deirdre's husband being beaten to death; Angela Harris disposing of a murder weapon; and so on. As one poster drolly observes, "overall, not a place to be optimistic".

The location of this latest escapade was Portland Basin, the junction of the Ashton and Peak Forest - two BW-run canals. BW's staff newspaper reports that the filming took two days and "earned BW £5,000, money that will go back into the running of the canal network".

No-one would begrudge the cash-strapped BW a little extra income, of course. But is it worth it for such a negative portrayal of the canals - on what is, after all, Britain's most popular TV programme? To put the fee into context, the sponsorship deal for Coronation Street is worth an estimated £40,000 for each episode.

Richard Fairhurst  | 3.09pm | add a comment

Today's news from the web

  • British Waterways introduces Customer Service Standards waterscape.com

    In a move to introduce measurable customer service standards, British Waterways is communicating its people, safety and performance standards to its staff with plans to implement safety standards before March 2008 and people and performance standards from April 2008. ...

  • New marina to bring visitors thisisnorthscotland.co.uk

    A £1.5million Inverness marina will give a huge boost to yachting in the north where almost every berth is full, it was claimed yesterday. Hugh Henderson, chairman of Royal Yachting Association Scotland, said many people from Scandinavia sail over and use the Caledonian Canal....

  • Cost of boating to rise on the Broads new.edp24.co.uk

    Boat users face paying more to travel on the Norfolk Broads, to help the Broads Authority balance its budget and make up a predicted shortfall in government funding. ...

  • We Need To Pen In The Swans Before They Cause An Accident thisischeshire.co.uk

    A WILD animal expert is calling for a fence to be put up to protect the Middlewich swans. Lena Porter, volunteer at Lower Moss Wood animal sanctuary in Ollerton, would like to see fencing running alongside the canal to prevent the birds from straying on the road....

Friday 23 November

Today's news from the web

  • Canal flats plan making waves edinburghnews.scotsman.com

    A DEVELOPMENT of modern flats with moorings on the banks of the Union Canal looks set to get the go-ahead on the site of a blacksmith's workshop. But neighbours in Horne Terrace, Viewforth, are worried that the block's contemporary design will spoil the look of the area. ...

  • Canal To Bring Wow Factor To Town thisisswindon.co.uk

    Any problems in rebuilding a canal through Swindon are far outweighed by the benefits. That's the message Ken Oliver, of the Wilts and Berks Canal Trust, gave to a packed Civic Trust meeting last night. ...

  • Long-lost canals to be reborn? expressandstar.com

    For 200 years boaters lined their barges up at the Hay Basin in Wolverhampton, ready to load it with goods. But in the 1960s the basin, on the Broad Street canal in the city centre, was filled in to make way for the ring road. ...

  • My Narrowboat Terror worcesternews.co.uk

    A MAN who was rescued in the nick of time from his sinking narrowboat is now homeless and has lost everything. ...

Thursday 22 November

Today's news from the web

  • Canals undergo winter maintenance news.bbc.co.uk

    British Waterways staff are preparing for a winter repairing and checking more than 600 listed structures on the West Midlands' canals. ...

  • Water voles found on K&A thisisbath.co.uk

    The Kennet and Avon Canal and the River Avon have emerged as key habitats for Britain's most endangered mammal - the water vole....

  • £100m marina transformation manchestereveningnews.co.uk

    The £100m revamp of Droylsden has reached a major milestone with work starting on the construction of the marina. ...

Wednesday 21 November

Today's news from the web

Tuesday 20 November

Another round of DEFRA cuts?

Over the past few weeks, British Waterways and the IWA have been making encouraging noises about DEFRA's new waterways minister, Jonathan Shaw. After the hapless Barry Gardiner was unceremoniously shuffled off to the back benches, here, they thought, is someone we can work with once again.

Then Saturday's Guardian broke the story of another £300m in cuts to DEFRA's spending, and the truce was over.

WW understands that DEFRA, still reeling from the floods of last summer, is struggling to pay for the outbreaks of bird flu and foot-and-mouth. With no prospect of additional funds from the Treasury, it will be cutting the money it gives to its own agencies - and British Waterways is consistently cited at the top of the list, though thus far this appears to be press speculation rather than any concrete information.

The IWA is once again urging waterway users to write to their MPs, pointing out that BW is already struggling to cope with the flooding and the recent breach on the Mon & Brec (now expected to be closed for up to a year). What is becoming abundantly clear is that the waterways cannot go on like this. Is now the time for BW to extract itself from the dead hand of DEFRA?

Richard Fairhurst  | 9.18am | add a comment

Today's news from the web

  • Marina Is Full Steam Ahead burnleycitizen.co.uk

    Plans for a £1million pound marina have been stepped up. Bosses of Barden Mill, between Burnley and Brierfield, will discover whether the proposal for the 92-berth marina at the back of the store is approved by councillors at a meeting next month. ...

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