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Thursday 16 July

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Thursday 9 July

Conservation ‘will not trump navigation’ on the Broads

Plans to call the Broads a National Park will not give conservation priority over boating, the new waterways minister, Rory Stewart, has promised MPs.

Speaking in Parliament on 8th July, the Defra minister said he was “more than comfortable” with the title National Park, which he said was a common-sense term.

The Broads Authority has already said it will not be adopting the Sandford Principle of National Parks, which gives conservation priority over recreation. Instead its three purposes, including navigation and leisure, will continue to carry equal weight. However, there was always the risk that the government could overrule this, so the minister’s latest promise is reassuring for the Authority.

Rory Stewart also said the Government will not now introduce direct elections for the Authority, backtracking on a proposal in the previous parliament.

“It would not achieve the intention, which is to get more people involved in boats and navigation on to the board. We are achieving that at the moment," he told MPs.

“More than one third of people on the board are active users of boats and licence holders, and that is important. In so far as I am involved in Secretary of State appointments, I will endeavour to ensure that they include people who have an active interest in navigation as well as the environment.”

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  • Watch the moment a tractor crashed into Bidford-on-Avon bridge bbc.co.uk

    An investigation into a tractor crash which damaged a medieval bridge has been launched. The crop sprayer hit the parapet of the structure, in Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, last month, causing masonry to fall into the river. ...

  • Princess Anne led flotilla of boats along canal as she opens Kelpies | Stirling & Central | News news.stv.tv

    The Princess Royal led a flotilla of boats along a canal as she officially opened The Kelpies visitor attraction. Princess Anne arrived at the site near Falkirk, home to the giant horse head sculptures, by boat before meeting staff involved in the project. More than one million people have visited The Kelpies since they opened to the public last April. It is estimated that the 30m-tall sculptures, the centrepiece of the £43m Helix parkland project, have boosted the local economy by £1.5m per year....

  • Ambitious plans for Hereford & Gloucester Canal could boost tourism in Newent gloucestercitizen.co.uk

    Ambitions to restore the Hereford and Gloucester Canal have turned up a notch as work starts to turn a stretch of the derelict railway line back into a canal. The line at Oxenhall near Newent was originally built as a waterway but in the 1880s it was turned into a railway. In 1964 it was abandoned until the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Trust stepped in. Dave Penny, chairman of the trust is excited, said: "We are clearing the site now and hope by the end of the summer to have exposed the platform and then we can start restoring it and the building."...

Tuesday 7 July

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  • H&G Canal Trust launches 225th anniversary campaign at Eastnor Castle soglos.com

    The evening of Thursday 2 July 2015 marked a historic milestone for the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust as it held a VIP reception at Eastnor Castle – a spectacular venue straddling the two counties – marking 225 years since the local canal company of the same name was born in 1790 and started work on the Hereford to Gloucester Canal. ...

Tuesday 30 June

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Monday 29 June

Today's news from the web

  • Uber will help you hail a boat in Istanbul theverge.com

    Uber launched a new intercontinental service this week, but it's not what you would expect. If you're in Istanbul, you can now hail an UberBoat to take you across the Bosphorous, the strait that divides the European and Asian halves of the city....

Saturday 20 June

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  • Canal charity issues safety guidance leighreporter.co.uk

    A new safety campaign is encouraging cyclists and walkers to be aware of each other when using the borough’s network of canal towpaths. The Canal and River Trust’s initiative has been launched within weeks of a horrific incident in Wigan which left an elderly woman with serious injuries. Last month 76-year-old Judith Norris lost four teeth and required 12 stitches after being knocked to the ground while walking with friends close to Horrock’s Flash. The cyclist involved in the collision did stop at the scene but then rode off without leaving his full name....

Thursday 18 June

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  • Vandals drain whole of 'Wolverhampton 21' lock flight expressandstar.com

    The entire two mile stretch of the Wolverhampton lock flight was drained on Wednesday after vandals opened all of its 21 locks....

  • Dutch startup plans first 3D printed steel bridge to span Amsterdam canal theguardian.com

    A Dutch startup has unveiled plans to build the world’s first 3D-printed bridge across an Amsterdam canal, a technique that could become standard on future construction sites. Using robotic printers “that can ‘draw’ steel structures in 3D, we will print a (pedestrian) bridge over water in the centre of Amsterdam,” engineering startup company MX3D said in a statement, hoping to kick off the project by September. The plan involves robotic arm printers ‘walking’ across the canal as it slides along the bridge’s edges, essentially printing its own support structure out of thin air as it moves along....

  • Boats to use Somersetshire Coal Canal for the first time 117 years somersetguardian.co.uk

    The Somersetshire Coal Canal will reopen a section of its Radford and Paulton branch with its first boat since 1898 as part of July’s Radford Canal Festival. The moment is timed to coincide with this year’s local and national celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the publication of William Smith's first ‘Stratigraphic Map’ in the world. This launched the science of geology and was based on his experience as this canal’s surveyor. The first 400m of the canal is a huge achievement of the Somersetshire Coal Canal Society which is also holding a Big History Day on Saturday, June 27 at the Conygre Hall in Timsbury showing how Smith, geology, the canal and railways made Bath and this part of Somerset what it is today. ...

  • Canal adopted by Leeds girl guide pack yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

    Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and members of The Senior Section and Trefoil Guild from Leeds have seized the opportunity to improve the waterway by joining the Canal & River Trust’s Adopt a Canal initiative. The girls have adopted the Leeds Lock and towpath area adjacent to Clarence Dock....

  • New moorings for Leeds waterways ahead of major festival yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

    In Leeds, new moorings and better access to the city’s attractions are among the improvements made by the Canal & River Trust’s North East Waterway Partnership, with just over a week to go until the eighth Leeds Waterfront Festival. The stay-time has increased on the Aire and Calder Navigation, and brand new moorings have been created at Knostrop Lock, Leeds Lock, Brewery Wharf and Fearns Wharf....

  • £500 per night canal boat with hot tub among luxury London properties for rent after changes to laws on short-term lets standard.co.uk

    This £500-per-night canal boat with its own hot tub is among luxury accommodation being rented out by Londoners after changes to laws on short-term lets. The boat, docked in Little Venice, can sleep up to six people and comes with private use of a neighbouring garden. It is just one of the quirky properties that visitors to the capital can enjoy after recent reforms to home sharing laws made it easier for Londoners to rent out their homes....

  • Sunken boat is raised by Melton & Oakham Waterways Society meltontimes.co.uk

    A 12-ft long sunken boat which had been submerged for years in the River Eye was successfully raised by the Melton and Oakham Waterways Society....

Wednesday 17 June

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  • Floating Art Tour Arrives in Hemel Hempstead grandunion.boatshed.com

    A group of canal based artists are spending this month visiting Hemel Hempstead on the southern Grand Union. The Artists on the Canal are a group of boaters who have temporarily turned their boats into cruising galleries, displaying paintings, drawings, sculptures, poetry, and visual installations in ‘pop-up shops’ along the towpath. The floating art tour consists of four boats, five artists and six locations. ...

Tuesday 16 June

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  • New campaign for Driffield canal restoration driffieldtoday.co.uk

    Waterways enthusiasts have started a campaign to raise £500,000 to complete the final stage of the restoration of the Driffield Navigation Canal. Members of the Driffield Navigation Amenities Association (DNAA) launched the campaign to pay for the rebuilding of the Wansford Road road bridge, which is the final barrier preventing barges from travelling all the way from Driffield to London....

  • Dog bite incidents reported on canal towpath in Market Harborough harboroughmail.co.uk

    Police officers have been made aware of a number of dog bite incidents on the canal towpath in the union wharf area of Market Harborough involving what is believed to be the same dog. On a number of occasions, people walking or jogging through have been approached by the dog and bitten. Dogs also being walked by their owners have been also bitten by the dog. The dog is described as a light brown dog which is similar to a greyhound in appearance. It is often accompanied by two other dogs described as a black dog along with a smaller black and white terrier sized dog. None of the injuries sustained by the people or dogs have been described as serious....

  • INEOS fined £166,650 over toxic spill in Manchester Ship Canal liverpoolecho.co.uk

    Chemical giant Ineos ChlorVinyls has been fined £166,650 over a toxic spill in the Manchester Ship Canal. The company, based in Weston Point, had admitted a charge of breaching its environmental permit after an estimated 3.8 tonnes of caustic soda burst from a pipe that was being used to load a ship at Percival Lane on January 17, 2012. The firm was also ordered to pay £28,811.78 in costs....

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