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Which Rochdale bridge?

After more than a year working at Waterways World, I've finally opened a hitherto-unnoticed door, and discovered the paper photo archive files, dating back to the magazine's founding in 1972 (and in some cases, even earlier). Where copyright permits,I'll scan some of these and post them daily for your delectation. 

Today, a bridge from the Rochdale Canal in 1983, pre-restoration. Can you guess the location? 


Thursday 1 December  | Andrew Denny  | 3.54pm, Thursday 1 December 2011


'Dont know the name of the bridge, but I think it's at Hebble End, just outside Hebden Bridge.

Andy Fitton  | 4.38PM, Monday 5 December

After going over the Rochdale this autumn - I found most of the bridge holes filled with detritus just like the above.

MandM  | 12.58AM, Wednesday 7 December

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