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TV detector van afloat

How many liveaboard boaters buy a TV licence, especially continuous cruisers? It's unlikely anyone's ever done a survey, and since it's nigh-on impossible for ordinary people to speak to a human within the TV Licensing Authority, it's unlikely we'll find out what they are thinking or doing about it. 

Last week we came across this undated, uncaptioned photo in the WW archives, showing a 1980s TV licence van crossing on what looks like a Norfolk Broads chain ferry.  Any guesses as to the location and date? 

It set me thinking a cascade of questions, starting with "What would a dedicated TV detector boat look like?", passing through "Would the TVLA  investment be worthwhile", and finishing with "Would we be forgiven by liveaboard boaters without a TV licence for drawing the TVLA's attention to this extra, untapped source of licence money?"

Tuesday 6 December  | Andrew Denny  | 11.49am, Tuesday 6 December 2011


That has got to be the old Reedham Ferry.

Capt Ahab  | 1.06PM, Friday 9 December

Reedham Ferry would be my guess

Kerry Schofield  | 11.42AM, Saturday 10 December

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