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BW trials new type of stop plank

BW has been testing a new type of lightweight aluminium stop-plank for emergency use in canal breaches. 

The planks were first tried out during an emergency lock stoppage in London late last year, when an engineer happened to have them in his van, and BW said this first use was a great success.  A new test was taking place today (29th February) at Aston Lock, on the eastern end of the Trent & Mersey near Shardlow. 

“Quite often, stop gates aren’t where we would like them to be or are silted up, so these new aluminium stop planks are being considered as an alternative”, said Stephen Hardy of British Waterways. 

“The planks are telescopic, to allow them to fit just about anywhere, and can fit a gap of between 3m and 6m. When the engineer arrives on site, he doesn’t have to rely on stop planks already being there – he simply measures the width of the stop grooves, adjusts the planks accordingly and slots them in place.” 

The new stop planks are said to be much easier to handle than wood, faster to install, and because they are telescopic they don’t have to be cut specifically to size. In addition, unlike dedicated wood stop planks, they don’t have to be stored on site, so will not be subject to vandalism. They were designed by BW in conjunction with Sapa Profiles, a specialist in extruded aluminium products. 

Wednesday 29 February  | Andrew Denny  | 12.26pm, Wednesday 29 February 2012


Great idea- but looks a little leakyin the pic- I wouldn't want to be working in the chamber below the planks- however, I presume they did stem then.

Mark Langley  | 5.40PM, Wednesday 29 February

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