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IWA names its parliamentary champion

The Inland Waterways Association has named Fiona Bruce, the MP for Congleton, as its Parliamentarian of the Year for 2012.

The award was announced on 28th February at the IWA’s annual parliamentary awards dinner, held at the House of Commons and attended by nearly 40 MPs and peers of all major parties. IWA chairman Clive Henderson paid fulsome tribute to Fiona Bruce, saying she had given generous support for the inland waterways in the last year. 

Fiona, herself an IWA member, is treasurer of the All-Party Parliamentary Waterways Group and has played a key part in Parliament’s role in overseeing the formation of the Canal & River Trust charity. She was particularly effective at the Parliamentary Waterways Group hearings, where she asked searching questions of the new Canal and River Trust transition trustees

Fiona Bruce has two IWA branches in her constituency and Clive Henderson praise her valuable parliamentary and practical support for them during the year. 

This year’s annual dinner provoked lively debate surrounding the formation of the new waterways charity and the challenges it faces in its formative years. Clive Henderson took the opportunity to press home IWA’s belief that the Environment Agency navigations should be included in the new Canal & River Trust in 2015 as has been proposed.

Fiona Bruce MP (left) receives the IWA's 2012 award for Waterways Parliamentarian of the Year, on 29th February 2012.

Thursday 1 March  | Andrew Denny  | 5.10pm, Thursday 1 March 2012

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