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Maureen Shaw’s last boat trip

Canal traffic was halted for a couple of hours on the morning of Friday 30th March in Middlewich for a memorable event. British Waterways closed Big Lock, Kings Lock and Wardle lock to ensure a ‘clear road’ for Maureen Shaw’s last boat trip.


The coffin was loaded aboard the Thomas Clayton boat ‘Tay’, one of the gas tar carriers operated by the extended Jinks family who adopted Maureen as a baby. She was living on ‘Spey’ when she got married and moved to Fellows Morton and Clayton. The boat set off from outside Maureen’s old cottage beside Wardle Lock, and made its way to the town wharf accompanied by a large crowd of canal folk. Her good friend Joan Baker accompanied the coffin on the boat which was steered by John Watson and Jim Taylor.

The service in the parish church of St Michael & all Angels was packed with 245 mourners, with standing room only for the latecomers. A very fitting send-off for a well-loved canal boat woman, and a memorable event for all who attended.

Rupert Smedley

Friday 20 April  | Andrew Denny  | 4.03pm, Friday 20 April 2012

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