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Every little helps, as Tesco agrees to pay for Stalybridge canal trolley recovery

The local Tesco store alongside the Huddersfield Canal in Stalybridge has agreed to meet the costs of fishing its trolleys out of the canal at Stalybridge.

In a deal brokered by local Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds, British Waterways have agreed to make regular visits to the stretch of the canal to keep it clear of trolleys and other debris – with the clean-up costs being met by the supermarket chain.

British Waterways says that in the past three years more than 200 trolleys have been retrieved from this stretch of the canal, taking its resources away from other projects. Even the automatic wheel locks fitted to the trolleys if they are pushed over a line has failed to solve the problem.

The canal channel through Stalybridge, built in the 1990s, has a hard concrete bottom, and it is thought that trolleys are causing greater navigational problems than normal here, because they cannot be pushed into silt or mud, but present a greater barrier to boats. 

BW's David Baldacchino said: "We have been working closely with Tesco to try and reach a solution to this on-going problem which is spoiling the environment and causing damage to boats. I am pleased that we have agreed to carry out regular clean-ups with the help of Tesco.

"The new Canal & River Trust will be calling on the help and support of the local community in Stalybridge to get involved with their local waterway by volunteering and helping care for their canal."

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, welcomed the agreement, saying: "I have been talking to Tesco and British Waterways about this issue for a number of weeks and I am delighted that they are now taking such an active role to clear up the canal. 

"Supermarkets are clearly not responsible for the anti-social behaviour of those who think it is acceptable to dump litter and trolleys in this way. But the canalside location of this particular store makes it a particular problem in Stalybridge, so I am pleased that British Waterways and Tesco are taking this proactive approach."

Anna Wisnoiwski, manager of Tesco Stalybridge, insisted that they worked hard to ensure the trolleys were collected and secured every night. “We are always looking for new ways to prevent trolleys being stolen and we're grateful to customers who make us aware of abandoned trolleys, as it enables us to collect them quickly."

Monday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 10.51am, Monday 21 May 2012

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