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Canal & River Trust launch gets contingency dates – 28th June and 12th July

As official parliamentary approval of the new Canal & River Trust get closer, British Waterways officials have set ‘contingency dates’ for the official launch events.  

The current plan is for an official nationwide launch of the Trust on 28th June. However, after talking to Defra about the necessary parliamentary process timescales, word has gone out to staff to prepare for a possible launch date of 12th July. 

“We’re waiting for the government to confirm the dates for the final parliamentary debates of its official Transfer Order,” a spokesman said, in a statement published in the staff newspaper BW Monthly. “But the debates might not take place until the middle of June. This would mean a launch on 28th June would be very tight. So, for now, please keep both afternoons – 28th June and 12th July – free in your diaries.”

More than 30 BW staff attended a recent workshop to come up with ideas for celebrating the launch, at 11 locations around the country. They discussed what BW Monthly called “a guide format that will hopefully achieve the right balance of feeling part of a big company-wide celebration while allowing local flavour – and most important of all, making sure we have fun at this momentous time in the waterways’ history.”

Monday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 11.27am, Monday 21 May 2012

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