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Fifty-strong chorus is highlight of Russell Newbery Rally at Alvecote

A world-first was created at Alvecote Marina on the Coventry Canal last weekend when 50 Russell Newbery-powered canal boats started their engines in unison. 

The Synchronised Start Up, with all RN engines coming, to life on cue, was a highlight of the 15th annual Russell Newbery Register rally. It proved to be a hugely popular, and is set to be an essential feature of all future RNR rallies.

The RNR weekend followed the now well-established format of a series of practical workshops, this year based at the marina’s Samuel Barlow pub. The courses included ropework, cylinder heads, scumbling, rag rugs, chalkboard noticeboard, technical discussions and musical entertainment, which this year included a barbershop choir.

Former Russell Newbery apprentice Jamie Mason takes a cylinder head workshop at the 2012 Russell Newbery Rally at Alvecote Marina. Still only in his early 20s, Jamie lives on a RN-engined boat himself, and has run the workshops for at least three years. This year two sessions were needed to accommodate demand.

Thursday 14 June  | Andrew Denny  | 4.44pm, Thursday 14 June 2012

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