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Sad end to "Dunkirk Little Ship" at Teddington Lock

A boat said to have been a Dunkirk Little Ship was torn apart and sank last night near Teddington Lock.  The boat, called 'Tantalus' was heading past the lock and up the weirstream, where the 'red boards' were out warning boaters not to navigate in flood conditions. 

It was reported that they needed to tie up in an emergency and got a stern rope to a pontoon, but the current swiftly spun them round and tore the whole stern off the boat, causing it to sink rapidly.

Two people and two cats were rescued. Luckily the Teddington lifeboat was based only 100 yards away and was quickly able to rescue the two people and two cats aboard. 

At time of writing it has not been confirmed that this was the Dunkirk Little Ship originally called Jovial, but later renamed Tantalus.

Friday 15 June  | Andrew Denny  | 12.55pm, Friday 15 June 2012

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