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CRT introduces National Users Forum

The Canal & River Trust has formally announced a new National Users’ Forum, which will replace the old British Waterways Advisory Forum (BWAF).  

As with the old BWAF, the new Forum is intended to keep the principal users of the waterways up to date with strategic developments and give an extra way for national bodies to reply on issues of national importance to their members.

The group will meet twice a year, with the inaugural meeting scheduled for 21st February 2013 at CRT’s West Midlands HQ at Peel’s Wharf, Fazeley, and the second meeting in September at a location to be announced.

Roger Hanbury, head of governance services at the Canal & River Trust, said the Forum would be open to groups with recognised national membership and invited such groups to nominate a representative to attend.

“The Forum will be another important conduit for the organisations who use and have a love for the waterways to feedback the thoughts and advice of their members,” said Roger Hanbury. The first meeting would require making arrangements for chairing proceedings, together with agreeing the Forum’s terms of reference, which could potentially differ from those of the BWAF.

“If a waterways group would like to attend and hasn’t yet nominated a representative, please get in touch with me at roger.hanbury@canalrivertrust.org.uk” he said.

Thursday 10 January  | Andrew Denny  | 4.52pm, Thursday 10 January 2013

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