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Londoners told: Stop dumping household rubbish on the canal

The Canal & River Trust has announced a growing problem of household rubbish being dumped on London’s towpaths. It says the problem is particularly acute on the eastern half of the Regent’s Canal, in Islington, around Broadway Market in Hackney and at Mile End Park. "The Trust has been faced with bins overflowing with household rubbish and domestic waste. We empty the bins in the morning and within hours they’ll be full again,” said a spokesman in a press release on 23rd January. “The bins are designed to be used by passers-by for disposing of light litter such as drink cans and food wrappers. But it seems a selfish minority are bringing bags stuffed full of domestic rubbish.” The Trust says that the rubbish is clearly of domestic nature, because much of it features household waste like food tins, bottles or food preparation put into supermarket carrier bags. The areas concerned all feature large numbers of liveaboard boaters without permanent moorings. However, the Trust spokesman was very careful to say that there was no evidence the problem originated with them, and it could not be sure who was responsible. Rubbish collection has been outsourced to utilities group Fountains, who are responsible for emptying the towpath bins and the three boaters’ refuse points at Little Venice, St Pancras and Old Ford. Representatives of the London continuous cruisers have in the past criticised the presence of only three refuse points on the eight-mile canal. In the past some boaters have suggested a rubbish boat should service the canal, but the Trust said that this would only work if it was daily and reliable, and that this was unaffordable. It says that to report overflowing bins, people should call the London office on 020 7517 5560, but appealed again for people not to use the bins for domestic rubbish.

Wednesday 23 January  | Andrew Denny  | 5.11pm, Wednesday 23 January 2013


at least it's not in the canal...

John Band  | 10.44AM, Thursday 24 January

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