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BBC seeks boaters for Home Away From Home TV show

The producers of BBC TV's Home Away From Home show are looking for canal boat owners interested in appearing on the programme, which they are about to begin filming. 
Home Away From Home watches couples from around the country swap homes with one another for three days. 

"It’s a chance to have a new experience and discover local cuisine, sight-seeing that goes beyond the guide book, and an authentic place to stay," says the producer's blurb. 

"It might be that people are considering a home swap for the first time or have swapped many times before. It’s very much a warm-hearted series and celebrates the beauty of our homes and localities in the UK." 

Time is short: they are starting to film this month, and expect to wrap it up by the end of August.  They've got other types of houses lined up, but no boats yet. 

Call Emma Linstead of the BBC on 0208 008 1468 if you fancy swapping your boat home, and appearing on telly, for a few days. 

Thursday 4 June  | Andrew Denny  | 1.12pm, Thursday 4 June 2015

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