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New stamp features the Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is one of ten British engineering achievements of the last half-century celebrated in a new series of Royal Mail postage stamps issued on 2nd May.

The series was prompted by the Royal Academy of Engineering's MacRobert Awards, which celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

The Falkirk Wheel didn't win the MacRobert Award, it wasn't even nominated when it was brought into service in 2002. But in the years since it has become an unmistakable design and engineering classic. It's uniquely British, created by a team that included Scottish designers, British Waterways engineers and the Butterley Engineering company, whose rise to prominence in the Victorian era relied in large part on the Cromford Canal.

Other British engineering achievements celebrated include the Raspberry Pi computer, the catalytic converter, MRI scanning, synthetic bone-graft material, and a four-stamp set of the Harrier jump-jet.

The Falkirk Wheel, one of ten British achievements in engineering to feature on a new series of 1st class stamps from Royal Mail.

Tuesday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 2.45pm, Tuesday 21 May 2019

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