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Second Pennine 'roving rally' in June

To encourage more boats through Standedge Tunnel, the Huddersfield Canal Society has organised a repeat of the successful 2017 Pennine Explorer Cruise along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

This year's event runs from 22nd June to 1st July, starting at Ashton-under-Lyne and ending at Huddersfield. There will be an optional final day on the Broad Canal for those with suitable-sized boats.

The 2017 cruise was limited to 12 boats, which the canal society said was the maximum it could practically organise at once over the summit, and that limit is likely to be applied this year too, with novices getting priority. That's not to say experienced crews are barred from the canal, but if it's oversubscribed they won't necessarily be part of the social experience that comes from being shepherded over the summit.

A programme of evening events will add to the fun. Boaters should email bob@huddersfieldcanal.com in the first instance.

Boats jam the exit of Standedge Tunnel at the 2017 Pennine Explorer Cruise. Photo: Alan Stopher

Tuesday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 2.47pm, Tuesday 21 May 2019

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