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Record boat attendance at Canalway Cavalcade

This year's London IWA Canalway Cavalcade saw record boat numbers over the bank holiday weekend, with 150 narrowboats crowding into Little Venice.

After scorching April temperatures over Easter you could have been forgiven for thinking time was running backwards, with one of the coldest and windiest Mays for some years. Nevertheless, it drew the regular (estimated) 30,000 visitors for the weekend.

The event began in 1983, a decade after the Regent's Canal towpath was opened up as a 'canalway'. Previously, as a working waterway, it had been closed to the public, and for the first few years it remained somewhat forbidding. The cavalcade, organised by IWA volunteers, served to draw visitors, and it has remained London's biggest canal attraction.

Robin Hendley on Middlesex winning the boat-handling competition at this year's IWA Canalway Cavalcade. Photo: Tom Claydon 

Tuesday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 2.48pm, Tuesday 21 May 2019

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