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National Boat Share Show 'takes off'

The 2019 Spring National Boat Share Show took off spectacularly in more ways than expected over on 4th-5th May, when two of the marquees were blown away on the first day by bank holiday winds.

The event had 16 narrowboats on display, two more than planned, with entrants coming from three of the main share companies – BCBM, Ownashare and Carefree Cruising – while a fourth, JD Boat Services, also had a stand.

This year's show was the first at its new home, the new Dunchurch Pools Marina on the North Oxford Canal.

The first tent to go was that of organisers Boatshare4U, with the second the visitor marquee. Andrew Cooley of Boatshare4U said: “Fortunately no one was hurt, although the visitor marquee itself did sustain some damage.” He looked on the bright side when he added: “It left the tables and chairs in the open, giving a bistro feel to the area.”

The Boat Share Show is also staged in the autumn at Overwater Marina on the Shropshire Union canal, this year on 7th-8th September. It's a niche event, with smaller attendances than most boat festivals, but is very sharply targeted, so can have an impact well beyond simple visitor numbers.


Boatshare show organisers struggle to relocated marquees after the wind tried to abduct them. Photo: boatshare4u.co.uk 


Tuesday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 2.54pm, Tuesday 21 May 2019

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