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Andrew Bridgen named IWA Parliamentarian of the Year 2019

At a reception in the Houses of Parliament on 13th May the Inland Waterways Association named Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, as its Parliamentarian of the Year for 2019. He was nominated by the Ashby Canal Trust for “unwavering support and assistance regarding many difficult issues that have arisen on the restoration”.

The 8 miles of the restoration are all within Bridgen's constituency, and ACT is the main organisation working to restore the route. It especially praised him for supporting them in the fight to limit the damage that would be caused by the planned HS2 high-speed rail route, particularly within a section of the restoration planned for Measham.

The nominators said: “Andrew Bridgen deserves to win this award. He is fully committed to seeing the completion of the Ashby Canal for the benefit of the local community.” They added he was also instrumental in persuading Leicestershire County Council to continue its support of the restoration.

This is the tenth year of the awards, hosted by IWA at parliament, and the best-attended yet, with 45 MPs and five members of the Lords, along with over 30 waterways restoration societies.

The event also saw a speech by Ros Kerslake, chief executive of the National Lottery Heritage Fund who said that the fund is keen to support waterway restoration and urged societies to apply.


IWA Launches £100,000 Legacy Grant

The most surprising news was after IWA trustee Mike Palmer introduced MPs to the new Waterways in Progress report (News, WW June). He announced that IWA would be offering grants of up to £100,000 to pay for restoration projects that promote the Waterways in Progress aims, with the funding coming from legacies left by supporters.

The grants would not necessarily fund more navigable miles; the main requirement is that they give wider benefits with immediate results.

More information is at waterways.org.uk/waterways_in_progress_grant.

IWA chairman Ivor Caplan (l) presents Andrew Bridgen with the IWA Parliamentarian of the Year award for 2019.
The IWA's Waterways in Progress report

Tuesday 21 May  | Andrew Denny  | 4.02pm, Tuesday 21 May 2019

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