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No more hire bikes in canals please, says CRT

The Canal & River Trust has appealed to bike hire companies to find a way of stopping its bikes from ending up in canals. The trust estimates that 100 or more hire bikes – docked, dockless and electric – are being dumped by thieves and vandals in London's canals alone each year.

Charlotte Wood, CRT's London head of operations, says: “Fair play to Transport for London, they reimburse us for the Santander bikes we return to them. Freebikes have also been proactive in trying to help. However, other hire organisations aren't as yet working with us. We think it’s because they get their bikes so cheaply it’s not cost effective to cover their return.”

The trust’s latest haul, gathered at its depot beside the Thames for a photo-opportunity, included 20 Mobikes, nine Ofo bikes, an Urbo bike, a new Lime electric bike and seven Santander bikes from London’s official docking cycle scheme.

Tuesday 20 August  | Andrew Denny  | 1.21pm, Tuesday 20 August 2019

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