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Historic crane returns to Audlem

A historic crane has been returned to the Shropshire Union Canal after restoration by Canal & River Trust apprentices.

The crane at Audlem Wharf was found last year to have serious timber rot, and was fenced off for safety before being removed in February to CRT's Northwich workshops.

While the crane was said to have been restored by May, the local IWA branch (Shrewsbury & North Wales) said it required "a great deal of lobbying" to get it reinstated in time for the Audlem Festival of Transport at the end of July. It was returned (flatpack Ikea-style) on 19th July and re-erected by a team of CRT engineers and local volunteer canal rangers.

Audlem Wharf originally had another crane, but that disappeared at the end of the working boat era. The present one is variously said to have come from a canal/railway yard on the BCN or from the old Audlem railway station, which closed in 1963. It was put up to restore character to the wharf when the adjacent warehouse was turned into the Shroppie Fly pub in the 1970s.

Wednesday 21 August  | Andrew Denny  | 1.41pm, Wednesday 21 August 2019

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