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Little change in Ombudsman issues

Complaints about the Canal & River Trust in 2018/19 showed "not a significant change" on previous years, according to the seventh and final report of the outgoing Waterways Ombudsman, Andrew Walker, who handed over to his successor, Sarah Daniel, on 26th July.

Forty-three complaints were received, up from the previous year's 35, while 13 investigations were completed.

In an effort to sense the Waterways Ombudsman's effectiveness, this year the complainants were asked to complete a survey before a report into their complaint was finally issued; in previous years they were asked for their opinions after the judgement.

The Waterways Ombudsman scheme deals with complaints about the Canal & River Trust after the trust’s own complaints procedures have been exhausted. Although officially anonymised, some of them are of well-known issues, such as wide-beam boats using the north Oxford Canal or the CRT boat licensing consultation of 2018, and these make interesting reading.

The annual report can be seen at waterways-ombudsman.org – see the 'case summaries' section.

Thursday 1 August  | Andrew Denny  | 1.54pm, Thursday 1 August 2019

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