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Boats free to a good home

The National Waterways Museum plans to give away 12 historic boats following a review of all 68 craft in its collection.

The boats are being offered free of charge, first to accredited museums and then to individuals and private organisations who are able and willing to care for them.

The 12 boats it wants to rehome range from iron-hulled icebreakers to a salmon fishing boat. In some cases, the museum already has examples of that type of vessel, while other boats aren't so significant to the story the museum tells. Some of the boats have changed so much over the decades that little of the original remains.

Graham Boxer, head of collections and archives at the Canal & River Trust, which runs the museum, said: “It is far better to have a representative collection of the most historically significant boats, cared for in the most appropriate way and in the best possible condition, than many in a poor state.

“If we can't find homes for all of them, we may recommend some for documented deconstruction, to preserve the boat’s story for future reference.”

Applications should be made by 2nd November 2019. Details are at canalrivertrust.org.uk/nwm.

The vessels to be re-homed are:
Aries – Star class wooden motor narrowboat (‘small ricky’), c.1935
Chiltern - wooden motor narrowboat (stern only), c.1946
Marlyn – a wooden motor gig boat, c.1940
Marple – iron hull of icebreaker, c.1850
Marsden - iron hull of icebreaker, early 20th century
Minstrel – small boat, c.1940
Shirley – small powered leisure-boat, c.1930
Speedwell – wooden dumb barge, c.1925
Spindrift 3 - Royal Navy ‘Jollyboat’ c.1910
Stratford – small iron riveted boat from Stratford Canal, c.1930
Ulla – clinker-built salmon fishing boat, c.1952
Whaley Bridge – iron hull of icebreaker, date unknown

Tuesday 20 August  | Andrew Denny  | 1.59pm, Tuesday 20 August 2019

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