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Chelsea Flower Show garden secret at Standedge

A collection of canal art pieces created for the award winning canal exhibit at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is now on public exhibition at the Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre.

The 'Welcome to Yorkshire' canal garden, which won a gold medal at the Chelsea show, relied on attention to detail. And one detail, seen only by the judges and VIP guests, was a selection of canal art displayed in the exhibit's 'lock hut' and painted by waterways artist Melanie Clare.

In designing his garden, Mark Gregory had a fanciful conceit that the lock-keeper would have lovingly and privately collected such beautifully painted objects. It must have been frustrating for the artist to have had her work exhibited to such an exclusive audience, and she must be gratified to now have it seen more publicly.

The work includes familiar roses and castles, but also the 'brightwork' peculiar to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. It is on show at Standedge until the end of October.

Monday 19 August  | Andrew Denny  | 2.13pm, Monday 19 August 2019

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