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Network Rail volunteers help SNCT at Berwick Tunnel

Ten staff from Network Rail joined 20 volunteers of the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust in July to work on vegetation clearance on the derelict Shrewsbury Canal.

Network Rail learned of the opportunities for volunteering on the site after two of its staff went on a guided walk of the route hosted by SNCT last year.

The main SNCT work parties are now at both ends of the canal's Berwick Tunnel portals, since it could be an 'easy win' for the restoration. Although abandoned for 70 years, the 970-yard tunnel still appears to be in good condition and the biggest task at the moment is the vegetation in and around the channel, which is still largely in water (News, WW May 2018).

The tunnel was completed in 1797 after Thomas Telford became the engineer for the Shrewsbury Canal, and was the first of any size to have a towpath throughout its length. Originally a tub-boat canal, operating boats 8ft long by 6ft 4in beam, the canal was widened after 1835 when it was linked to the national system via the Newport Canal.

See sncanal.org.uk for more.

Network Rail volunteers help SNCT at Berwick Tunnel

Monday 19 August  | Andrew Denny  | 2.13pm, Monday 19 August 2019

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