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Appeal for BCN canal steps funding

A volunteer group has restored a disused railway line near Birmingham as a leisure greenway, and is now appealing for help to link it with a Birmingham Canal Navigations aqueduct over the line. 

The greenway, which opened this year, uses the old South Staffordshire Railway that once ran between Brownhills and Walsall but closed 30 years ago.

The group's founder, Tim Kitchen, says that at one point the line crosses underneath the Wyrley & Essington Canal on the Anglesey Arm, and it is here that they are appealing for funds to create steps up to the canal.

The aqueduct, dating from 1856, is Grade II-listed, and Tim Kitchen says they are limited in their options.

“Steps to the towpath would created a completely traffic-free route from Walsall to Chasewater and enable many more circular walks to be enjoyed,” he told WW. “We would also add a cycle channel.”

"But the steps are costing considerably more than we estimated when we started,” he added. “This is due the slope requiring a zig-zag and a resting place in the middle to meet regulations.”

More details can be found at backthetrack.org.uk.

The aqueduct on the Wyrley & Essington Canal where Back The Track want to build the steps.

Thursday 8 August  | Andrew Denny  | 2.22pm, Thursday 8 August 2019

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