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A trow for Stourport

The Hereford Bull, a replica Severn Trow built for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012, is seeking a new home, after the consortium that owns it decided its location in Gloucester felt too limiting.

The boat was commissioned by an informal Hereford collective of naval officers, rowers, sea cadets and others, and was based for a few years on the Wye. It was built in Tommi Nielsen's yard in Gloucester Docks, and is back there while a decision is being made. 

Now a new group has put forward the case for Stourport. Calling itself the Stourport Trow Sailing Trust, the group will hold an inaugural meeting on 24th September, with the aim of agreeing any conditions of transfer and to start fundraising. 

Trows were historically the native barges of the Severn, Wye and tributaries, but apart from the replica have not been seen afloat for over a century. When the canal arrived in Stourport in the 1770s they transhipped with narrowboats, and were a familiar sight in the two basins, but their trade ceased before World War I.

David Struckett, a member of IWA's Navigation Committee who is heading the campaign, said “The town has a heritage narrowboat in Bramble, but a trow would be even more appropriate as it pre-dates the canal.”

For more information email david.struckett@waterways.org.uk.

Friday 9 August  | Andrew Denny  | 2.30pm, Friday 9 August 2019

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