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Crick show cancelled

Due to high winds, the Crick boat show has been cancelled today and the site evacuated. More later.

Monday 26 May  | Richard Fairhurst  | 12.00pm, Monday 26 May 2008


I have been a boat owner who has attended every show at Crick, always mooring just outside the tunnel.

I say it is the Crick experience!

BW and REM have tried very hard to improve the event this year, and the cancellation of the show on Monday was beyond their control, it was exhibiters own tents/ marquees that where coming lose causing the danger to the public.

But it was other events that were as dangerous. No footbridge over the canal. So all towpath moorers and residents of Crick had to walk over the very narrow road bridge. In darkness it was even more dangerous.

Another point I feel needs addressing was the fact that having purchased a show guide, it did not list the entertainment in the bar.

I did attend the BW forum which was enlightening but we could have had a member from REM also.

When one spoke with those who were stall holders or exhibiters they all questioned if they would come back next year, the problem is if you are not seen at Crick are you still trading?

roll on 2010!

SP Gammond  | 5.59PM, Monday 26 May

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