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BW mooring consultation begins - at last

It's around one year ago that the news first leaked that British Waterways was planning to allocate new moorings through an auction, or tendering system. The system finally went live in the autumn and remains controversial even today.

Now, at last, BW has announced its consultation on the issue, giving boaters a chance to make their views known.

Full details at the BW website. Robin Evans' message in the introduction betrays a surprising degree of exasperation that people haven't responded more favourably:  "It is now time for the debate to move on from 'it's not fair' to consider the subject in more depth and make a genuinely useful contribution to our final decisions." But maybe the lack of what he considers "genuinely useful" responses is an indication that BW is no longer on the same wavelength as most boaters?

Wednesday 28 May  | Richard Fairhurst  | 6.18pm, Wednesday 28 May 2008

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