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Caldon commercial

In the 1970s, pottery manufacturer Johnson Brothers of Stoke-on-Trent realised that the carriage of delicate china ware between their different factory sites would be less damaging if carried out by water on the adjacent Caldon Canal. Using two purpose-built catamaran-style vessels, crates of china were carried around a quarter of a mile.

So successful was the project that catamarans Milton Maid and Milton Queen were supplemented by the more conventional-style narrowboat Milton Princess, seen here on its inaugural run in 1979. The operation carried on until 1995 when Milton Maid carried the last load from Johnson’s Imperial Works to the Eagle Works. Imperial Works closed shortly afterwards and was demolished.

Friday 20 June  | Chris Daniels  | 2.59pm, Friday 20 June 2008


Johnson Brothers also installed an unusual draw bridge to facilitate the transfer of the product from the factory direct to the barges. Fortunately the members of the Tuesday Night Club photographed this drawbridge, and kindly allowed me to use their images on my website www.movablebridges.org.uk. Select 'Caldon Canal' from the waterways drop down menu to view the images.

Stewart Marchant  | 4.38PM, Monday 23 June

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